Planning Ahead

Why Do So Many People Plan Their Funeral Ahead of Time?

Many of our neighbors have come to us to put their funeral and burial preferences into writing. Each person does this for his or her own reasons, but we do see some common benefits it offers. And since you can get started right here on our website, the process is incredibly simple.

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Are Prepaid Funeral Plans Required?

While you do not need to pre-pay while planning ahead, we can guide you and recommend safe prepayment options. When you pre-pay for your funeral or cremation, the services and products you choose are paid for with today’s dollars and will earn interest to offset inflation. Prefunding a funeral eliminates the stress associated with funeral payment and other final expenses. When prefunding, you can set aside funds in convenient periodic payments. Outlining your funeral plans in advance allows your family to know what the cost will be.

Still have questions about whether or not you should prepay for funeral or cremation options? Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more.

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Your Needs and Preferences Will Be Followed

Planning a farewell involves a lot of decisions. Traditional burial or cremation? Elaborate funeral and visitation with religious elements or a simple memorial with a secular eulogy? These are very personal choices, some with cultural and religious implications. Make sure there is no doubt about what you would have wanted by putting all of your wishes into writing with us.

Offer Peace of Mind to Your Family

In the moments after a loss, the grief and pain can be overwhelming. The feelings and emotions can make it very difficult for your loved ones to make the kind of practical decisions they need to after your passing. Imagine the relief they will have when they learn you’ve already made all of those decisions for them. It’s why we call preplanning the greatest gift of love you can give your family and friends.

Remove a Financial Burden from Your Loved Ones

While you do not need to pre-pay when you choose to preplan, you will have that option. We advise you to draw upon resources from Forethought™ and the National Guardian Life Insurance Company — both highly respected groups who offer convenient and safe prepayment options. By paying for your farewell in advance, you ensure that your family won’t have to face these expenses by themselves. It also helps protect them from the temptation to emotionally overspend.