Haben Funeral Home & Crematory

Skokie, IL

8057 Niles Center Rd

Skokie, IL 60077

(847) 673-6111

Maps and Directions

Haben Funeral Home is conveniently located at 8057 Niles Center Road in Skokie. All of the furnishings, color schemes, and overall décor have been recently updated, creating an atmosphere of quiet dignity, a home-like environment where family and friends can gather for remembrance and recollection. Spacious lounges, classic furnishings, and exceptional maintenance, combined with a convenient location, beautiful landscaping and ample parking, offer a superior facility for celebrating a life well lived.

Our lounge is a small reception room available to all families we serve. The room can seat up to 28 people and is newly re-modeled. This is a perfect place for family and friends who call during visitation and pre-service hours to enjoy a coffee or soda.

Some families even bring in light snacks such as cheese and crackers, cookies or fruit. Call today to learn more about Haben’s facilities and services.