Quality Funeral and Cremation Service in Lincolnwood, IL

Losing a loved one can bring its own set of challenges. Despite the grief and other emotions you may feel, there comes an immediate need to plan and carry out a funeral or memorial service within a short period. This task can be daunting at a time when you may feel overwhelmed and with little to offer. In these moments, a quality funeral and cremation service in Lincolnwood, IL can be a great support. They can help you and your family to carry the heavy burden of planning and conducting a beautiful service to help you honor your fallen loved one. 

When you engage the help of a funeral home, they will guide you step by step through the many choices that are required to plan a commemorative funeral or memorial service. At Haben Funeral Home & Crematory our dedicated funeral professionals are here to help families to create a service that honors the life and memory of the deceased, in a manner that will heal and comfort those who come to mourn their loss. 

Funeral and Cremation: Service Options in Lincolnwood, IL

Families come from a variety of different backgrounds and worldviews. When dealing with grief, they may appreciate and find comfort in the traditions of their faith and culture. They may also find comfort in the unique customs of their own family. These details are important to the funeral planning process. This helps our funeral directors to discover the grieving family’s values, and any required care and handling of their deceased loved one. They also help to inform of any wishes and priorities that the family or the deceased may have had concerning their funeral care. That’s why our team provides a variety of service options to our community. We offer the following funeral and cremation services in Lincolnwood, IL:

Traditional Funeral Service: This service can include visitation or viewing hours, a funeral service, a graveside ceremony, and burial at the final resting place. This service can be customized to accommodate your family’s preferences. Our staff and facilities include a space for gathering in our funeral home chapel, if needed.

Cremation Service: If your needs include cremation of the mortal remains, we are equipped and trained to provide this kind of aftercare. We can provide cremations with a memorial service. The memorial service is much like a funeral but occurs after the body has been cremated. Our team can also provide simple cremation support, sometimes called a direct cremation. Such services occur when no commemorative service is needed, but the body of the deceased is directly moved from their place of death to the crematory for disposition.

Merchandise: We provide a variety of caskets, urns, keepsakes, and other funeral goods for sale to those who need them. When you hire us to help you with aftercare services for your deceased loved one, you are not required to purchase any of these funeral products from us. They are simply there for the convenience of those who want them. 

Preplanning: Arranging your own funeral long before you ever need it is a great blessing to those who survive you in death. The act itself is one of love. Your family will not have to guess about your wishes, nor will they carry the burden of the cost and planning. It is a great kindness to prepare a funeral in advance of the need. We offer this service option to our community.

Burial or Entombment: Our professionals can coordinate the proper burial or entombment of the deceased. Cemeteries may have special requirements for vaults or cement enclosures to maintain the cemetery’s ground care and maintenance needs. 

Death Away from Home: If a family member dies while away from home, our staff can handle the return of their body for a funeral or memorial service as desired. 

Military Honors: It is a great honor to provide aftercare to the veterans in our community. We can plan and facilitate full military rites and burial ceremony for those who have sacrificed for our nation.

Celebrating a Life 

We believe that every life is worthy of celebrating. When someone close to us passes away, it is important to acknowledge their death and to remember and honor who they were in life. We strive to personalize every funeral and memorial service that we conduct. Those who knew the deceased in life appreciate the details of our concern. It’s always the little things that are so meaningful to the families and friends of the deceased. 

If your family has lost a loved one and need funeral and cremation service in Lincolnwood, IL, call us here and let us serve your family. Haben Funeral Home & Crematory has been in business since 1923. It has been our great privilege to serve the families of our community for more than four generations. Our funeral home is located at 8057 Niles Center Rd, Skokie, IL 60077. Call today at (847) 673-6111 for a conversation.