How to Find the Right Funeral and Cremation Provider in Skokie, IL

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Haben Funeral Home & Crematory is a family-owned business that offers caring and dignified funeral and cremation services to meet your specific needs. We have been providing funeral and cremation care since 1923. If your family needs the support of an experienced funeral home, we are ready to serve. Our office is located at 8057 Niles Center Rd, Skokie, IL 60077. Call us anytime at (847) 673-6111.


The funeral home you choose to care for your deceased loved one will greatly impact the quality of service you and your family will receive. That’s why it’s so important to choose an aftercare provider with experience and a reputation for quality. Haben Funeral Home & Crematory is Skokie, IL funeral home that has been providing funeral and cremation for more than four generations. Our family has been fortunate to serve our community as a trusted caretaker of their deceased loved ones. 

When you begin the search for a funeral home service that you can rely on, there are a handful of details that you should review their offering. As you review these points, we encourage our friends and neighbors to carefully consider their family’s needs, as well as the wishes of their deceased loved one. The outcome and service you receive will be directly tied to the quality of the provider you engage for help. Here are several things to consider:

Experience: In a world that values all things new and novel, we sometimes forget the value of experience. Ask the funeral director about their experience as it relates to your requested service needs. Have they ever serviced a funeral with the same traditional or cultural preferences as yours? If you have any unique requests for the funeral, are they able to accommodate them? 

Licensing and Industry Associations: Double check on their training credentials and industry associations. Most reputable funeral homes are affiliated with trade organizations that help them with continuing education and accountability standards. These connections help you to understand their commitment to excellence in their practice. 

Services: Before sitting down with any funeral director, it’s best if you have a sense of what your family is needing. However, if you’re uncertain, a quality funeral professional can help you to understand your options. You might choose a traditional funeral service with burial or entombment, or a non-traditional service such as cremation with a memorial, a direct cremation, or simple cremation at a crematory. 

Some funeral homes specialize in certain funeral care practices, while others are full service in nature. As you talk about the options, be sure that the funeral home you choose can provide the type of aftercare that will best meet the needs of the family and deceased. 

Location: Ideally, a funeral home should be in the community where the deceased lived and worked. This is usually where their relationships with friends and family are most concentrated, making it easier for them to gather in for a viewing and funeral ceremony and cremation in Skokie, IL. There are situations where it makes sense to hire a funeral home at a distance for aftercare, but it is less common. 

Venue: As applicable, be sure to consider the funeral home’s ability to service the needs of those who will gather. Is there enough room and seating for everyone to come? Is there a funeral or memorial chapel available for use? If the family will need a meal after the service, is there a banquet hall with a prep kitchen?

Pricing:  The law mandates that all funeral care providers publish a general price list for customers to review. You should ask to see their price list to help you compare costs among the funeral homes that you are considering to hire.

Products: Most funeral homes will offer funeral merchandise to their customers. These will include caskets, urns, flowers, keepsakes, etc. It’s never a requirement to buy a funeral home’s provided products if you don’t prefer their product selection. You can buy these items anywhere that you’d like, however, it is convenient and less time consuming to buy from the funeral home.

Customization: A funeral service can be quite impersonal if left to a ceremony only. This is a poor approach to helping family and friends deal with their grief. The deceased is someone they loved and shared life with. The memories and experiences they shared are treasured by them. As you interview a funeral care provider, ask questions about their approach to personalizing a funeral. What would they recommend for your loved one? 

Staff Interaction: Likely it is an emotional time for you. As you interact with the funeral director and their staff, are they kind and caring? Do they listen carefully and explain things in appropriate detail? Are they compatible with you and your family? 

Planning a Funeral and Cremation in Skokie, IL

Haben Funeral Home & Crematory is a full-service funeral and cremation provider in Skokie, IL. Since 1923 our family has been serving the families of the Skokie area. It is an honor and privilege that we do not take lightly. If your family is faced with the loss of a loved one, our team of compassionate funeral professionals is here to serve you. We have many resources that can help you including our burial guide. Call us at (847) 673-6111, or stop by our funeral home office at 8057 Niles Center Rd, Skokie, IL 60077.

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