Why You Should Attend a Funeral

November 18, 2019 | Categories:

The best funeral homes Evanston, IL, will be havens you can turn to when someone in your family dies. Most people already know that they should attend their family members’ funerals. The matter becomes trickier when you’re talking about a friend or a distant relation.

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In this situation, it may not be assumed that you’re automatically going to go. There are factors that you need to consider. Yet, there are still compelling to reasons to go.

You Were Invited

If you were specifically invited to the funeral, it means the family wants you there. How much weight that has on your decision is up to you. If these are people who you want to be close to, not going to the funeral could wreck that goal. People are very sensitive regarding these matters. They could easily feel insulted if you stay home.

You Were Close With the Deceased

If the deceased was a very close friend of yours, it may help you grieve to process your feelings with other mourners. Essentially, that’s what happens at the funeral. That’s why you may start crying or have trouble speaking. The moment feels difficult at the time, but when you come to look back at it, you may derive comfort.

You Have Religious Ties

Religious ties can be extremely strong. If the deceased was a member of your faith, that may be an extra reason to attend the funeral. It may be expected in your culture. In this case, not attending would be viewed as a deliberate slur.

You’re Nervous

You might think that being nervous is a good reason to skip going to a funeral. However, the opposite is true. If your nerves are the only reason why you’re staying home, you’ll likely regret the decision later on. You don’t want to be ruled by your nerves. Think about why you’re nervous. If, for instance, you don’t want to show up alone, you might be able to find a friend to go with you for your support. Or you can go with someone who’s already attending.

You’re in Town

Sometimes, funerals are held in the deceased’s childhood city. If attending the funeral would require significant travel on your part, you have a reasonable response when someone asks why you didn’t attend. However, the same is not true if the funeral is held in your local city. Everyone will know you’re in town.

Going to a funeral may feel tough because you don’t know how to be vulnerable in front of other people. Yet, you should remember that everyone else is in the same boat. You may see many tears at the funeral. It’s only natural. There’s nothing to feel bad about. It’s your humanity shining through.

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