Why Should You Consider Preplanning Your Funeral

September 6, 2021 | Categories:

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Lately, the trend of people choosing to preplan their final services at funeral homes Evanston, IL, has been on the rise. The desire to put your affairs in place before death is triggered by a myriad of benefits – both emotional and practical.

Read the below points to decide if planning ahead makes sense for you not.

Provides Convenience to Family

Arranging a funeral service includes making more than 50 decisions within a short span. It can take a serious emotional toll on your loved ones at a time when they’re already experiencing overwhelming grief.

Preplanning allows you to jot down how exactly you want the loved ones to celebrate your final service. It offers them a chance to spend more time in mourning and socializing with guests than worrying about giving you a perfect send-off.

Customize the Funeral the Way You Want

You may not even allow anyone else to take charge of your birthday celebrations, how can you let someone decide your funeral arrangements? Regardless of how much your loved ones try, they cannot customize the funeral as you’d have wanted unless you have told them beforehand – and that’s what preplanning does.

Choose the type of final disposition, the epitaph on your headstone, readings, music, visual representation of various stages of your life, or whatever your wishes are. You get peace of mind knowing that all your wishes are going to be honored after you die

Set forth them clearly in your funeral plan so the family could personalize your final service when the time comes.

Help Your Family Arrange a Meaningful Service

Research shows that arranging the funeral service of a lost loved one provides a sense of closure and helps start the healing process. Letting your wishes known to them beforehand liberates your family of the extra burden of thinking about how to give you a perfect tribute and rather help them say a farewell you’d prefer

The family gets both emotional and social benefits by giving a proper tribute just like you’d have wanted. And it makes them feel a little better.

Saves Loved Ones from Financial Troublefuneral homes Evanston, IL

Funerals can be expensive, especially if you haven’t planned for the cost. At a time when emotional turmoil overwhelms the bereaved, the chances of your family overspending on buying services or goods that you wouldn’t have wanted are significantly higher.

Preplanning saves them from this trouble as you manage to cover your funeral expenses during life. Many funeral homes offer advance booking for pre-planned funerals where you choose the services and pay for them gradually. Additionally, you can opt for life insurance to bear the cost of your funeral.


Well, this must have surprised you, right? You can lock in a price now and not have to worry about inflation or other changes in the economy/ Shopping for your funeral in advance is a caring and thoughtful thing to do to minimize the financial burden on your loved ones. Speak with someone at funeral homes Evanston, IL, to start your planning.