Why Publishing an Obituary is Still a Thing

April 11, 2022 | Categories:

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An obituary before cremation services Morton Grove, IL, is not just the official death announcement of a person. It’s a piece of document that reflects the life story, contributions, and achievements of the deceased and makes sure their legacy passes on to the coming generations.

Yes, the times are changing rather quickly and so do the funeral traditions but some traditions are worth keeping – and obituary is amongst them.

Here are four reasons justifying why it’s a good idea to officially acknowledge the loved one’s death.

1. Paying Tribute to the Loved One

Every person has a unique life story that deserves to be heard and preserved. An obituary is the best way to pay one last tribute to the lost loved one. Through personal details, it provides a window into how they lived their life and what makes them so special.

Apart from including basic life facts, an obituary includes a description of the major event of the deceased’s life, their hobbies, favorite food and sports, work history, and lifetime achievements. The whole community gets to know about them and offers their respect.

2. Preserving Their Legacy

It may be easy for many to assume that the person has lived and died and has become part of history. But an obituary ensures that their legacy lives on for future generations to remember them. It’s a historical document including important dates, places of birth, maiden names, and names of the immediate family members.

If people publish the lost loved one’s personal information and key moments only on social media, they’d vanish down the timeline too quickly. That’s why they are permanently preserved through the obituary. Many a time, genealogy researchers rely on obituaries to trace someone’s roots through obituaries.

3. Sharing the Loss with Community

An obituary is a public announcement of death to let everyone know that your loved one has passed. Community members look to the local newspapers to find out about the local residents who have died. They show up to offer their condolences, prayers, and empathies with the bereaved family and offer help as well.

Research shows that sharing grief with the general community and getting condolences can be of big help in getting over the loss. Knowing that you’re not alone and the community acknowledges your loss gives you the strength and determination to return to the normal routine quickly.

4. Part of the Grieving Processcremation services Morton Grove, IL

Writing an obituary is an important step in the grief journey. It helps you accept the fact that the loved one has left forever and though they are not present physically, their memories will always live with you.

Remembrance is a big part of grieving and an obituary gives you a chance to review your life too and see if there’s a thing you’d like to do differently.

While jotting down the memories, you reflect on why the person was so important and special to you and rest of the family. Ultimately, it helps you move forward in your life after the cremation services Morton Grove, IL.