Why Cremation is Becoming Increasingly Popular

January 24, 2022 | Categories:

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In the last few years, the popularity of cremation services Evanston, IL, and elsewhere has increased by leaps and bounds. In 2018, the cremation rate in the US remained at 53% and is projected to reach 59% in 2023. Below are a few reasons justifying why families are choosing cremation as a method of final disposition for the lost loved ones.

Cremation is Budget-Friendly

Direct cremation costs significantly less than a traditional funeral. With cremation, you don’t have to pay for a lot of costly services such as a casket, concrete vault, grave plot, headstone, and so on. Many families also skip embalming when they have to cremate the body.

Families have to just buy an urn and pay for cremating the body but those costs are considerably lower than traditional funeral. However, the cremation price can vary depending on the several services you choose for the lost loved one like wake, visitation, or a religious or a secular ceremony.

Cremation is Eco-Friendly

The trend of people opting for more environmentally-friendly solutions is on the rise and after-life preparations is no exception. Many families preferring cremation to burial as the former is eco-friendlier. As opposes to traditional burials, there’s no need for a casket or heavy cement vaults to be buried in soil or using harmful chemicals to preserve the body.

Also, cremation occupies far less space as a coffin does if the family chooses to bury the urn. But in any case, cremation does take a toll in terms of carbon emission.

Flexibility in Planning

Compared to funeral, cremations are much easier to plan and execute. The bereaved family doesn’t need to make a plethora of decisions quickly such as filling in hectic paperwork, or shopping for funeral products and services.

All they need to do is buy a urn of their choosing, select a cremation site, and have the body cremated. Aside from that, cremation gives freedom to the family to decide about scattering, burial, or any other disposition method as per the wishes of the deceased. The reason is the bereaved family gets to hold on to the ashes indefinitely.

Brings More Creativity

cremation services Evanston, ILTraditional burials include rather rigid traditions that have been in practice since centuries. They offer less for creativity or personalization but when it comes to cremation, the bereaved family has tons of options to honor the lost loved one.

Today, people are opting creative options to customize the scattering or burying of loved one’s ashes to celebrate their life and death. The choices are virtually countless such as:

Turning the ashes into jewelry, pieces of art, or bury them in a water body like the sea. Also, you can bury them at a special place or disperse them into the sky, to mention a few.

Convenience for the Family to Attend

After creating the body, you can hold up the memorial or burial services until all the family members or friends across the country are available. You can wait for weeks, even months, since you can preserve the ashes as long as you want after cremation services Evanston, IL. Were here to help.