What You Need to Know About Cremation Services

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cremation services Evanston, IL

Cremation services Evanston, IL, are rising in popularity. Gone are the days when a traditional burial was considered as a standard end-of-life disposition method in America. Now, an increasing number of families are choosing cremation as a preferable option as it gives families more flexibility to honor the lost loved ones

This article aims to provide everything you need to know about cremation services. Read on and find out.

Funeral and Direct Cremation Services

The best thing about cremation is the range of options it offers to the bereaved family to say one last goodbye to the deceased. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a direct cremation service which is the most common type of cremation and involves taking the body to the cremation chamber and burning it.

Direct cremation occurs right after the loved one passes away and doesn’t need a viewing or funeral. The whole process takes just three to five hours.

The bereaved family can decide to have a viewing in an open casket and then, a funeral followed by cremating the body. For many people, it is the last chance to see the deceased and seek solace and comfort.

What To Include in a Cremation Ceremony

Many families choose to hold a funeral prior to cremation to give tribute to the lost loved one. A family member gives a eulogy to tell the guests how great of a person the loved one was. Sometimes, the family chooses to present videos and slideshows to show various phases of the deceased’s life. The goal is to remember the loved ones and give them a perfect tribute.

The service often includes religious readings or favorite music of the deceased. Usually, a priest, pastor, friend, or family member reads the religious text. Similarly, the family can hire the favorite band of the deceased to perform a live-action in front of guests. The choice of music can be sober or traditional or a playlist of their favorite songs.

Try to display the memories, personal belongings, and photos of the deceased and let the guests feel your presence amongst them.

Cremation Ceremony Etiquette

The cremation ceremony etiquettes are almost identical to those of a burial ceremony. All you need to do is remember some basic things to be at the best of your behavior.

When it comes to dress code, wear anything that’s not too shiny, flashy, or casual and it should go with the theme of the event. An all-black attire is still the most preferable option.

After the Cremation CeremonyCremation services Evanston, IL

A few days after the cremation, the funeral home will give the cremated remains of your loved one in a urn. Now, you have got plenty of options to scatter the ashes as you want.

You can:

  • Scatter them in the air or from a plane
  • Bury in the sea
  • Convert into pieces of jewelry like a ring, necklace, or bracelet, and wear them
  • Bury them in a natural place or your garden
  • Grow them into a tree
  • Keep them at home

You have options when you choose cremation services Evanston, IL