What to Do If A Loved One Dies

April 4, 2022 | Categories:

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Coping with the loss of someone close to your heart and planning a service at funeral homes Morton Grove, IL, is always a tough experience. It is both physically and emotionally demanding, but you have to carry yourself together and prepare for the last journey of the lost loved one.

Here is our step-by-step guide on things you have to take care of after someone dies. Reading this guide will help you prepare for the challenges you’re likely to face while arranging the final services.

What to Do at the Time of Death

Soon after the death, the immediate kin or the primary caretaker has to contact the right people. If the death occurred at a hospital, speak to a doctor and wait for the funeral director to arrange the transportation service if you have already contacted them.

At home or any other location, call 911 to let the emergency authorities take care of the initial process.

Contact the Funeral Service

After choosing a suitable funeral home, you need to finalize the rest of the funeral arrangements depending on the deceased’s wishes or the family’s preferences. Decide on whether you want them to be buried or cremated, what special services you need to personalize the event like music, food, etc., and so on.

Once the plans are decided, notify the close family and friends about the funeral date and time. The best thing is that your final director will guide you throughout the process to make it a memorable event.

Start Making Arrangements

Starting from handling the necessary paperwork, including death certificates, insurance policies, bank account information, a will, military papers, etc. Don’t forget to write a heartfelt obituary for the deceased or have someone write it for you.

Here is the information you should mention in the obituary:

  • Their full name, date of birth, and place of birth.
  • Their mother’s first and maiden name and their father’s full name.
  • Their marital status and level of education.
  • Their occupation or career.
  • Their legal residence.

Also, finalize who will deliver the eulogy, serve as pall bears and officiants as well as the food or beverages you want to serve to the guests. Your funeral director will help you coordinate your plans throughout the service. Take their opinion on how to customize the event that reflects the life and personality of the lost loved one.

On the Day of the Service

It is probably the most overwhelming day when you have to say a final goodbye to the deceased. As all arrangements are already agreed upon, the funeral director is in charge of ensuring everything goes as planned including putting out service programs, greeting guests, and managing the order of service.funeral homes Morton Grove, IL

Spend your time grieving with friends and family and paying tribute to the departed soul.

After the Service

Getting the death certificate from the funeral home first that you’ll need for closing the bank accounts, social media accounts, canceling driver’s license, clearing the pending taxes, mortgages, and claiming the insurance if any. Your funeral director at funeral homes Morton Grove, IL.