What Should You Wear to a Funeral Service?

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Unlike other events, attending a funeral or cremation services Morton Grove, IL, is a difficult experience– especially if you’re attending onefor the first time. When it comes to deciding what to wear to a funeral ceremony, it’s better to go conservative.

You may have already seen in movies and TV serials people wearing all-black attire to a funeral but that’s not the only choice you have. You can wear whatever you as long as your dress selection shows respect to the deceased and the bereaved family.

Check out our basic guide on what to wear to a traditional funeral.

Consider the Location of Funeral Service

First and foremost, consider where the funeral services is being arranged by the bereaved family. A funeral happening at a beach, hotel, or a private place is more casual than a one at a place of worship like a church, synagogue, mosque, temple.

Consider the Culture

Your dress code for attending a funeral is also guided by the location, climate, and culture of the bereaved family. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice about what to wear from a close family member or the funeral director as it’s always better to dress along the same lines as the other mourners.

Below is a PREFERRABLE dress selection for men, women, and children while attending a funeral service.

Dress Code for Men

Regardless of the culture and location of the event, show up in dark, muted colors and avoid bright colors, flashy prints, and glittery fabrics. Most people prefer to wear a suit with a collared shirt and tie. You can also go in slacks with a sport coat.

When it comes to shoes, it’s best to avoid athletic shoes or sneakers. You can wear casual shoes but avoid wearing flip-flops and sandals. The same goes for baseball caps, short-sleeved shirts, sneakers, and fancy jeans – they are all rarely appropriate choices. Note that you’re far better off with a bit overdressed than underdressed.

Remember that the ultimate purpose of a funeral is to offer your condolences and empathy to the bereaved. It’s not an event to display your fashion sense or to stand out.

Dress Code for Women

Dark colors symbolize mourning and loss in the West since ancient Roman times. Go for a suit with a skirt or pants in a dark, muted color to reflect your sorrow. Many women choose to dress in a skirt of appropriate length and blouse or sweater which is a good choice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be black but anything as long as it’s not flashy or shiny is a safe choice.

cremation services Morton Grove, ILDepending on the culture of the deceased or their family traditions, you can wear a hat. Jeans are considered too casual in most traditions so it’s best not to wear them.

While choosing footwear, go for flat shoes or pumps. Sometimes, open-toed shoes or sandals are a go-to choice considering the weather and venue of the event.

Dress Code for Teens and Children

No specific guidance for teens and should take a cue from parents or elders. It’s better to show up in formal, age-appropriate styles to show grievance and respect for the deceased.

These rules can help you navigate cremation services Morton Grove, IL.