What is Hospice Care

March 6, 2023 | Categories:

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Funeral homes Evanston, IL, and hospices are intertwined. Hospice care is a special kind of medical care that focuses on the quality of life for people who are experiencing an advanced, life-limiting illness. The primary purpose is to fulfill the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient during their last days.

But not many people are fully aware of what exactly is hospice care. And it comes as no surprise there are a few common myths surrounding this special medical care, which often bars people from opting for it for their ailing family members.

Here is everything you need to know about hospice care, hoping it would answer all your queries.

1. Hospice Care Doesn’t Mean You Give Up

Giving the utmost emotional care to a patient doesn’t mean giving up on the hopes of getting better. The very goal of hospice care is to take care of the emotional needs of the patients and get the most out of whatever time they are left with.

That doesn’t mean you have given up on their chances of getting better with time. Statistics prove that patients in hospice care live longer than the ones who don’t.

2. Hospice Care Can be Provided Anywhere

Many people have misunderstood that hospice care is given in some hospitals or designated medical facilities, but it’s not true.

Hospice is the name of care, not a place. You can receive hospice anywhere you want, be it your private house, church, or apartment, within a retirement community.

3. No Time Frame for Hospice Care

A common notion is that hospice care is for people who are in the last stages of life and have no hope left for life. Some believe that it has a 6-month time limit. All such myths are based on preposterous assumptions and a patient can receive hospice care for as long as he/she wants.

One can also quit hospice care anytime they want and can resume it at any stage of life. There are no time constraints whatsoever.

4. Regular Medical Care Doesn’t Stop

A patient can continue visiting his doctor or have regular checkups even during hospice care. The very goal of the latter is to manage the symptoms and provide the best quality of life and comfort. A person remains in charge of his/her medical life and does whatever is recommended by doctors.

5. It’s Not Super Expensive

With the multitude of services it offers, hospice care is perceived to be very expensive and a prerogative of the rich. The reality is just the opposite.

Most patients can qualify for hospice care at little to no cost. You’re bound to get some of the hospice services for free, even if you don’t have insurance.

6. Services Included in Hospice Care

Some of the common facilities included in hospice care include:

  • Counseling facilities Funeral homes Evanston IL
  • Home visits by medical practitioners or nurses
  • Symptoms identification and management
  • Pain relief
  • Medical supplies
  • Access to medical aides for assistance in bathing, clothing, eating, etc.
  • Medical equipment such as oxygen tanks and hospital beds


Hopefully, you have now a better understanding of hospice care and funeral homes Evanston, IL. Visit our location for immediate need.