What are Cremation Services?

May 4, 2020 | Categories:

cremation services Morton Grove, IL

When our loved ones pass, it is sometimes necessary to seek cremation services Morton Grove, IL. During this difficult time, it is good to know that there are caring and honest professionals who you can turn to in your time of need.

What are cremation services?

There are many ways to view life and death and many religious traditions. When life passes from us, there is a body that must be dealt with, in a respectful way, by the survivors. The friends and family of the person must arrange to deal with the person’s remains.

One method many people choose is for the deceased person’s remains to be cremated. This service is done in accordance with the person’s wishes, and in accordance with the person’s traditional religious practices if they have any that bear on the respectful handling of a person’s remains after death.

In the United States, the most traditional method of dealing with personal remains has been burial. In a traditional burial, a deceased person’s remains are buried in the ground, usually in a coffin. A similar but different approach is entombment in an above-ground crypt or mausoleum.

However, over time in the United States cremation has replaced traditional burial as the most common practice when it comes to dealing with the remains of the deceased.

The first step during a cremation is to properly identify the remains and receive authorization for cremation from local authorities. Hospitals, hospice services, and local police can assist families in initiating this process.

The next step involves treating the body in accordance with the wishes and traditions of the individual. There may be a public or family service, which can occur before or after the cremation. There aren’t strict rules that must be followed, other than certain technical legal rules (which will be followed by the licensed cremation service), and the wishes of the deceased and the family.

After this treatment, any metal, or medical devices that can be removed, are removed. The body is respectfully placed in a wooden box or a cremation vessel. Then it is placed in a cremation chamber, which is also known as a retort.

Within the retort, the chamber is flooded with air and flammable fuel. The temperature is raised to between fifteen hundred and twenty-five hundred degrees Fahrenheit. The resulting combustion reduces the remains to a material known as “ash”.

Finally bone fragments are reduced and any remaining metal removed. The material is then transferred, again with respect according to the person’s personal and religious traditions, to a temporary container or an urn that the family provides.

This urn or temporary container can receive the final treatment according to the wishes of the person. Some families choose to keep ashes in an urn at the family home. Some prefer to scatter ashes in a traditional place such as the ocean, or in a river. Check with your local cremation services Morton Grove, IL as they will be able to provide guidance as to local regulations.