What are Cremation Services?

June 8, 2020 | Categories:

Cremation services Skokie, IL

Cremation services Skokie, IL, are used to honor the deceased. They’re very similar to funerals. Instead of the mourners gathering at a burial spot, they pick a specific location. The service could be held at the crematory. But it could also be held in a completely different location. Here are a few things you should think about.

Was there a specific area or location that was significant to the deceased? Examples include beaches, public parks, etc. You can’t scatter someone ashes on private property without permission. However, the same rules don’t apply to public areas.

Whether you want to be discreet or not is entirely your choice. Scattering the ashes can be an intensely private event. Some people prefer to do it on their own. Others turn it into more of a social event where friends and family of the deceased are invited. Because there are no real rules that anyone has to follow, you’re free to follow your own heart.

Cremation services give people the chance to say goodbye to their loved ones. It’s not the goodbye that anyone would have wished. No one asked for it. Yet, people have to live with the consequences of death. One way to do this is to account for what happened by laying your loved one’s memory to rest the best way you know how. It’s not a perfect solution, but it does offer relief.

Cremation services can be religious or spiritual, but that’s not a requirement. Truly, the tone can be whatever you wish it to be. When you’re thinking about this, try to think about the deceased. What matters is what they would have wanted. You can’t ask this question to the deceased themselves. However, you can use your knowledge of them to give you answers.

final servicesThe memorial won’t be easy to plan. Emotionally, it’ll be very taxing. You’ll have to deal with all of your emotions at once. Trying to tamp the feelings down won’t be helpful because you want to be filled with the sense of your loved one. Yet, you don’t want to be completely overwhelmed. It’s necessary to strike a balance.

When your loved one dies, you have a choice to make. After cremating the body, you can host a cremation service and invite other mourners, or you leave people to their private remembrances. Once the decision is made, you need to let people know.

Typically, cremation services are influenced by the culture of the deceased. If you know the cultural norms and expectations, it’ll help you decide what needs to happen at your loved one’s event.

Cremation services can be as long or as short as you desire. It may depend on where the event is held. Memorials held in busy public areas won’t have as much time as memorials held on your own private property. Of course, one of the most common places to host a service is the crematory where the deceased’s remains are handled.

Planning your loved one’s cremation services with Haben Funeral Home & Crematory, can make you feel better about what happened.