Visiting a Cemetery

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After the service at funeral homes in Morton Grove, IL, you may visit the cemetery often. Of all the places, a cemetery is a place where a person has to be at the best of their behavior. Also, it is a place that you seldom visit, so it’s natural not to know how to display utmost respect to both the living and the dead.

For this reason, this blog will provide a set of guidance for the people visiting a cemetery to ensure a courteous and peaceful experience.

1. Follow the Cemetery Rules

The first every visitor should bear in mind is respecting and following the rules of the cemetery. Most cemeteries have a board posted near the entrance which lists all the rules and regulations specific to the visiting area.

Read the guidelines carefully and do your best to follow every single rule like where to sit or stand, where to park your car or decorations on the graves.

2. Speak Slowly

If you need to talk to others, do so in a low voice or hushed tone. Don’t garner unnecessary attention by talking loudly or laughing too much. That’s against the decorum of a cemetery.

3. Drive Carefully

Always drive slow and carefully in a cemetery. Usually, cemeteries shave narrow lanes, and a lot of mourning people crossing in front of you. It’s advisable to drive as slow as 10 miles per hour or even slower if there’s a gathering.

4. Be on Time

Follow the visit timing of the cemetery. Most cemeteries are open from dawn till dusk. Schedule your visit during the allowed time to avoid being charged with trespassing.

5. Show Respect to the Dead

Avoid touching any monument or headstone as it can be perceived as a sign of being disrespectful and can damage the graves as well- especially the older ones. Don’t try to remove flowers, coins, or anything else placed on the grave to clean it. The families deliberately leave these tributes to pay homage to the deceased.

6. Avoid Using Mobile Phones

Silence your mobile or other electronic devices before entering the cemetery. If you have to take an urgent call, speak in as low a tone as possible as there may be a funeral in progress.

Don’t take photos of other graves or people you don’t know. Show utmost respect to both the deceased and the attendees present in the cemetery.

7. Guide Your Children

If you bring children with you, keep eyes on them. Bar them from shouting, yelling, laughing too loud, or playing and climbing on graves. Advise them to be at the best of their behavior and show utmost respect to other attendees.funeral homes in Morton Grove, IL

8. Avoid Littering

Don’t litter as it puts an extra burden on the caretakers and is also a sign of being disrespectful. Use designated receptacles to dispose of your garbage. It’s a thoughtful idea to pick up any litter or trash on the way back to your car.

9. Respect the Privacy of Other Visitors

If any funeral is in process, give privacy to the attendees and take care not to come in the way of the procession. Avoid talking to other visitors unprompted. You can always nod and smile if the other person looks at you and makes it clear to want to talk.

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