Unique Ways to Preserve Your Loved One’s Memory

October 26, 2020 | Categories:

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Cremation services Niles, IL, can become an intimate part of your life. Even the thought of losing a loved one is the most depressing and scariest moment of life – and the pain of losing him/her cannot in explained in words. Knowing that you won’t be able to see him/her again leaves a permanent vacuum in your life, but that doesn’t mean you have lost everything related to your favorite person.

Even if people are gone, their memories never die and you can honor and preserve their memories forever by acting upon the below guidelines.

Commence Charity Work in Their Name

Doing charity work in the name of your lost loved one is the best ways to preserve their memory. Acts of graciousness and charity not only accelerate the healing process but develop a sense of empathy and compassion. Along with paying tribute to the loved one, such empathetic acts give you inner peace and comfort – and keeps the memory of the lost one alive.

Celebrate the Special Days

The memories of the golden days spent with the lost loved one reside permanently in your heart and mind. Reminisce over such beautiful memories by celebrating special days of the departed. Inviting a few relatives and close friends on days such as their birthday, wedding anniversary – if the deceased was your partner – or arranging a special dinner just in their memory to discuss the life of the loved one will honor them – as well as provide you emotional support. You may discuss fond memories of the loved one and how their character impacted your life and made you a better person.

Plant a Tree

A tree symbolizes life. It grows from seeds and gets stronger with time to face the harshness of weather and eventually dies – just like humans. You should plant a tree nearby the gravesite or in/near your home as a tribute to the departed. Not only you will feel comfortable seeing the tree grow but also play a role in terms of long-term environmental sustainability.

Build A Permanent Memorial

Building a permanent memorial at the gravesite of the deceased and visiting it regularly preserves the memory of your loved one forever. You install a bench nearby the gravesite or a memorial plaque with a short description of the lost loved one engraved on it will honor their memories and touch everyone that visits the graveyard. Additionally, you will feel a lot closer to the deceased while visiting and paying tribute to them at the gravesite.

Fulfill Their Dreams

If your lost loved one has initiated any community service program or relief work, you should become a part of it and assist in completing it. It will honor their legacy and the community will remember them in noble words. Also, you should volunteer for any community service project at least twice a year in their name – to ensure the memories of the departed have a permanent place in your heart.

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Death is the only certain truth of life but some people are too important to be forgotten. When you are faced with such a reality of life, the above ideas ensure that the memories of the lost loved one stay with you forever. Cremation services Niles, IL, will help as well.