Unique Ideas to Scatter Ashes after Cremation

April 26, 2021 | Categories:

After cremation services Niles, IL, you’re faced with a decision of what to do with the ashes. As Cremation is fast replacing traditional burying funerals in the US, according to statistics from NFDA, National Funeral Directors Association, there are a lot of creative things the bereaved family can do with cremation ashes to honor the deceased.

Here are the five unique ways to scatter the ashes of your loved one in a unique and meaningful way.

Let Your Loved One Breathe Deep Down the Ocean

What is more comforting for your love than resting at the bottom of a sea if they were a boating enthusiast or loved fishing or spending time at a beach? For this reason, an increasing number of Americans are choosing to lay to rest on the sea bed.

Unlike burial at sea, you don’t need any permission or license to bury scatter the ashes in an ocean. Be considerate in choosing a spot away from swimmers and fishermen or public places as heavy winds can cause trouble for other people.

Plant a Tree

The growing popularity of Green funerals has left people wondering how to give back to nature when they die. To give a perfect sendoff to your loved one, plant a tree in their name with the cremation ashes directly nourishing the growth of a tree.

Seeing it grow and flourish will always remind you of the departed loved one and it’ll keep their legacy alive for decades to come.

Let Them Light Up the Night

If your loved one was a party person and lit up every room they were in, then they deserve a spectacular sendoff with a bang to celebrate all the energy and passion they had.

Arrange a small firework display, invite your loved ones, mix cremation ashes with firecrackers, and display a happy and memorable display to scatter their ashes in the sky.

cremation services Niles, ILTurn Ashes into Jewelry

Want to hold on to the memory of your loved one forever? Create beautiful jewelry from ashes. You need only a tiny amount of ashes to make a beautiful keepsake, be it a ring, necklace, bracelet, or any piece of jewelry that you want to wear.

It’s probably the best way to commemorate the memory of the lost loved one and display your love and affection for them. Knowing that the departed soul is with you every time, you’re going to get added determination and strength to achieve your goals – and make the loved one proud.

Create Art

If your loved had a taste for arts and craft, why not preserve their legacy forever by creating beautiful pieces of art from cremation ashes. You can craft anything you want, be it a portrait of the deceased or a memorial glass piece.

Engrave these pieces of art with your loved one’s name, favorite song lyrics, or a special message and keep them in your bedroom – allowing you to stay close by them after the cremation services Niles, IL.