Understanding Grief

August 15, 2022 | Categories:

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Cremation services Morton Grove, IL, help you say goodbye, but they don’t get rid of your grief.  Grief is the natural outcome of losing anything important in your life. The effects of grief are hardest when it’s a person close to your heart, be it a friend, family member, sibling, or parent.

Psychology shows that most people go through some common stages of grief during their grief journey. Given that every person has to experience grief at some stage in life, it’s important to understand these phases. This will help you cope with grief in a productive manner without plunging into complicated anxiety.

But remember that the below stages can occur in any order. And also, it’s not carved in stone that every grieving person faces them. No to mention, you may even repeat one or two of them.

Stages of Grief

Shock and denial: Often, it is the first reaction when you hear about a loss. This is a state of unbelief and numbed feelings that last for some time until you start processing the loss.

Pain and guilt: When your mind starts accepting the fact that the loved one has departed, you may feel unbearable pain. At times, the feelings of guilt overwhelm you for not being able to help the loved one or tell them how much you cared for them.

Anger and bargaining: A natural defense mechanism of your body where you may get angry at God or doctors. The mourners also try to come up to terms that they’ll do anything if only they get relief from their feelings.

Depression: This may be a period of loneliness as you process the loss. Make sure this phase lasts as shorter as possible. Try to bond with family and friends, indulge in your favorite sports, exercise daily, and eat nutritious food. Isolating yourself from the rest of the world does nothing but further exacerbate your grief.

The upward turn: With time, the stages of grief like anger and pain start dying down. Your mind accepts the changed reality and tries to adapt to it. And the person starts feeling more calm and relaxed.

Acceptance and hope: The last stage of the grief recovery journey is where you begin to put the pieces of your life back together and start to move forward. In addition, this phase also symbolizes the gradual acceptance of the new way of life and a feeling of hopefulness for the future.Cremation service Morton Grove IL

Note that moving forward doesn’t mean you have forgotten your loved one. It means being willing to start coming back to normalcy.

It’s worth mentioning that the journey of grief is personal. No two people will grieve in the same way and there is no timeline for this type of sorrow. Don’t worry when you experience some of these symptoms harder than the rest. But don’t lose hope and optimism that you can always move forward.

At the same time know when it’s time to get professional help particularly if you’re unable to move past the grief long after cremation services Morton Grove, IL.