What are the Types of Flowers to Bring to Funerals

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Funeral flowers are the traditional way of paying tribute and homage to the deceased when you visit funeral homes Niles, IL. A floral arrangement is considered as a universal language to express your respect, enduring love, and sympathy for the bereaved when words fail to do so or seem inadequate. Notwithstanding the deep message flowers convey in a funeral, many people hesitate to bring flowers as they are unsure about the proper type of flower to send.

REMEMBER! Never bring flowers to a Jewish funeral. It’s not customary. Your gesture may be misinterpreted.

Key Takeaways:

Flowers for mourning can be a comforting symbol of love and support during difficult times. While choosing the best flowers to express your sympathy always depends on individual tastes, here are the kinds of flowers that are suitable for a funeral.

  • Lilies are flowers that people often buy for funerals. They symbolize the purity, radiance, and innocence of the person who died.
  • Gladioli flowers are a perfect way to show that the person who died had a strong character and resilience.
  • Roses are believed to be the most popular and versatile flowers worldwide because they can express many different emotions.
  • The orchid flower is a symbol of your never-ending love for the person who has died.
  • Carnations are often used for funeral wreaths and standing sprays. They represent admiration, remembrance, and innocence.

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Lilies are the most traditional and popular funeral flowers that symbolize purity, radiance, and innocence of the departed soul. Many Christians believe that the tomb of the Virgin Mary was covered in Lilies. Widely dubbed as the ‘go-to funeral flowers’, Lilies offer sympathy and hope to the bereaved family. This strongly aromatic flower also suggests that the departed has returned to a more peaceful and happier abode. White lily sub-breed is the first choice for funerals.


Being 4 feet tall, Gladioli are a perfect choice for mourning who displayed strong character and resilience. They convey a host of meanings in general, but in funerals, they reflect courage, high morals, and strength of character of the deceased. It also conveys hope and upliftment during times of grief and sorrow. They come in a variety of colors and designs and are widely used by florists – due to their reputation as funeral flowers – for sympathy arrangements.


Roses are believed to be the most popular and versatile flowers in the world for they convey a multitude of messages. Each color of rose carries its own connotation such as white roses symbolize ultimate strength, purity, spirituality, and honor of the deceased. Red roses are ideal for conveying messages of love, respect, and grief with the bereaved. Yellow is often given by friends to demonstrate strong bonds or ties, while the dark pink roses reflect thankfulness to the deceased.

Overall, roses, regardless of color, convey enduring love and appreciation. Roses are also used in combination with other flowers in a casket spray, wreath, and standing spray


At a funeral, an Orchid flower reflects your everlasting love for the deceased. No matter what the color of Orchids is, they convey the universal meaning of, ‘I love you now and always’. However, it is recommended that you choose White or Pink Orchid to show your sympathy and compassion with the bereaved family. Orchids of these two colors symbolize mourning and grief.

Traditionally, people prefer Phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids for funerals as sympathy flowers.

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As with almost all flowers, Carnations also come in a wide array of colors with each associated with its own meaning. As one of the traditional funeral flowers, Carnations are mostly used for funeral wreaths and standing sprays and symbolize admiration, remembrance, and innocence of the deceased.

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