Tips to Remember While Attending A Funeral

December 27, 2021 | Categories:

Attending cremation services Skokie, IL is always an experience even if you have already been there before. The reason is it is a highly sophisticated event where you have to be at the best of your behavior.

Since the funeral is among the least discussed topics, not many people are aware of the funeral etiquettes. You don’t want to end up getting embarrassed in front of your friends and family. That’s why we have compiled a list of funeral do’s and don’ts that will help you feel more confident and comfortable at a funeral.

1. Dress Code

It’s not necessary to dress in all black but your dress must reflect modesty and simplicity. The very purpose of attending a funeral is to offer condolences and sympathize with the bereaved, not to seize the limelight.

As a rule of thumb, avoid shiny dresses, t-shirts, shorts, or other casual outfits. Go for dark and subdue colors such as black, brown, gray with dress shoes if you are unsure about what to wear. The important thing is your dress should be neat and clean.

2. What to Say and What Not to Say

Many people shy away from offering condolences to the bereaved family for the fear of saying wrong words inadvertently. You have to be extra cautious in choosing your words.

Begin condolences by sharing a sweet and pleasant memory of the deceased and tell how good the lost loved one was both as a family member and citizen (Mention the person by name). Then, share your thoughts or prayers such as “I feel so sorry and devastated for your loss; my prayers are with you. We all would miss (name).”

Never compare the loss with your past experiences as it aggravates the pain of the family. Avoid using sentences like” I know exactly how you feel,” or “The loved one is probably in the best place.”

3. When to Arrive

Never arrive late at the funeral. It’s best to arrive 10-25 minutes before the services begin and don’t make any noise or disturbance while entering the facility to avoid getting unnecessary attention.

Remember that the front few rows are reserved for the immediate family members and close friends. Don’t sit at the front row if you reach early unless you’re a close acquaintance of the departed soul.cremation services Skokie, IL

It’s best to sit anywhere in between the row quietly.

4. Turn Off Mobile Phone

Using your mobile during a funeral for taking a call or photography is considered insensitive and might cause problems. Switch off of your mobile phone or put it in silence mode during the event. If you have to take an emergency call, go outside.

5. Bring Children if You Want

Many people bring children to a funeral service to allow them to offer final goodbye to the deceased. However, be sure to guide them not to speak too loudly, sing, play any games, or do anything that can violate the sanctity of the cremation services Skokie, IL.