Tips for Scattering Ashes

May 15, 2023 | Categories:


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The last couple of decades has witnessed an unprecedented rise in the popularity of cremation services Morton Grove, IL. The major reasons that drive this change are that cremation is much simpler, cheaper, and provides more creative options than a traditional cemetery burial.

Once the deceased’s body is cremated, the next step is to decide what needs to be done with the cremated remains. Many families either place the remains in a cremation urn and bury them in an affordable plot or natural place, or keep the urn at home.

But most people favor the concept of scattering the ashes to give one last tribute to the departed soul. In this article, you’ll learn about how to properly scatter ashes along with some creative options for scattering ashes that you may consider.

1. Choose a Scattering Urn or Container

First things first, choose the scattering urn or container for pouring out the remains. Here, you can get as simple or creative as you want. All you need is a container that can hold the remains and also make the scattering process easier for you.

You can use the temporary urn you received from the crematorium, or purchase an attractive scattering urn from the local market or online store.

2. Choose the Desired Location

Next, the family or next of kin has to decide where they want to scatter the ashes. If you’re scattering on your property, go right ahead. But if you want to scatter on public or private land, don’t forget to get the appropriate license or permission before proceeding.

You have all the options in the world to decide where you want to scatter the cremated remains. It can be a water body, beach, park, mountain top, garden, or anything. Note that scattering is permitted in most National Parks. State, county, or city parks will likely require permission.

3. Select a Scattering Method

Here are a few thoughtful ways to scatter the ashes.

Traditional Casting

Probably the first option that comes to your mind when you think about scattering. Just hold out the scattering urn, make sure the wind is blowing away from you, and pour.


As the name indicates, it involves digging a small trench of several feet in length. This method is ideal for locations like the beach. After digging, pour the ashes into it along the length of the trench and then, spread the earth or sand back over the trench using hands, small shovels, or rakes.

Water Scattering

cremation service Morton Grove, ILScattering in water is quite easy. Get on a boat or a pier or stand along the edge of a river and pour the remains out into the water. Else, you can get a biodegradable ocean scattering urn which is made to be placed into the water, float briefly, then sink to the ocean floor to slowly release and scatter your loved one’s remains.

And that’s all you need to know to give your loved one a perfect last tribute. Want to make it more meaningful? Think about what to say before and after scattering the ashes but keep it simple and short. The cremation services Morton Grove, IL, are usually performed without the family present.