Things to Consider During Funeral Planning

May 2, 2022 | Categories:

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Arranging a service at funeral homes Skokie, IL, takes time. Yet, losing a loved one is arguably the most overwhelming experience a person goes through. The severity of the event depends on your relationship with the deceased. But that’s how life goes and the bereaved family has to pay one last tribute to the lost loved one.

Today, no specific rules dictate how one should plan a funeral, but there’re several important points that you should keep in mind if you have to arrange one.

1. Choose A Final Disposition Type

Not too long ago, a traditional burial was a go-to disposition type for most families. But in the last few years, the funeral industry witnessed the rising popularity of other funeral options like cremation, green burials, body donation, and entombment. In fact, more families chose cremation than burial funeral in 2020.

If your loved one hasn’t specified the disposition method in Will, then brainstorm different disposition ideas. Choose one and customize it to commemorate the departed soul.

2. Select a Venue for Event

Most religious families tend to choose a worship place like a Church, Temple, or Mosque for memorial and funeral services, but you are not limited to only those venues. You can gather friends and family in non-traditional places that can be pretty much anywhere as the body doesn’t necessarily have to be present during the service.

It can be a scenic location like a beach, park, museum, or any favorite place of the loved one to comfort each other and share memories. Generally, such events are arranged after the burial or cremation.

3. What to Serve

Many bereaved families serve food or beverages of any type to the guests. What dish wish to serve depends mainly on the theme of the event like if it’s religious or not, or traditional or not.

However, try to include at least one favorite dish or beverage of the lost loved one. To further customize the event, many people choose “potluck” celebrations of life where the attendees sign up to try and recreate one of the loved one’s favorite dishes and bring it to the service.

4. Readings or Music to Include

For music lovers, nothing is more comforting than meaningful songs, and what’s the great funeral service without playing the loved one’s favorite tunes. Get the favorite playlist of the deceased and showcase it at the event. If you don’t have access to your loved one’s favorite playlist, use Google to get a few meaningful songs you can play at the funeral service.

If the deceased wasn’t into music or had religious affinities, then it’ll be appropriate to have the religious clergy read the spiritual excerpts or holy readings.funeral homes Skokie, IL

5. How to Customize the Event

Many bereaved families consider integrating personal memorabilia such as a tribute video, a photo display, an antique car collection, or any personalized centerpieces that reflect the personality of the deceased.

You may ask friends and family to bring something the loved one liked to make them feel as they are part of the service at a funeral home in Skokie, IL.