The History of Cremations

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When you’re thinking about cremation services Glenview, IL, it can be helpful to know the history behind the practice. The Greeks introduced the idea of cremation by fire to the western world in about 1000 BCE. The need for cremation was first felt when the soldiers went to battles and died in foreign territories. The bodies were incinerated at the location of death and the remains were returned back to the family so that they can bury them and organize a funeral. This is why cremation became known as a symbol of bravery and valor that befitted a soldier.

Cremations in the History

The cremation of Hector: In Greece, a known prince named Hector fought valiantly in the Trojan War for the troy. After dying at the hand of Achilles, Zeus forced Achilles to hand over the dead body to him so that it can be cremated. His body was burned and the bones were preserved in wine and oil.

The Cremations by Romans: The Romans also followed the Greeks in cremating their dead soldiers. During a war when there were deaths on both sides, a truce for some days was placed so that the dead can be properly cremated and honored. The body was covered with leaves and set on fire while the soldiers danced around and shouted war cries.

The Cremations by Pagans: The pagan strictly believed that the cremation was necessary to free the soul from the body and until the cremation is performed, the soul cannot find peace. It was also believed that if the body wasn’t cremated, it would return and haunt the living.

The Cremations in India: In India, the cremation is considered as a happy event and is desired by the many devout Hindus. The pyres of woods are erected and the body is placed on it to be set on fire. After cremating, the ashes are thrown in the river of Ganga so that the sins of the dead are cleansed.

In the modern era, cremation services are popular across the globe. They offer distinct differences from traditional burials. The reasons why a family may prefer to have their dead cremated rather than buried range from financial to practical.

Cremating someone’s remains is often less expensive than burying them for many reasons. The biggest one involves the body itself. If the body isn’t cremated, it will need to be buried in a coffin.

The overall form of a cremation service hasn’t changed. People focus on saying goodbye to their loved one, someone who they loved and cared about. Honoring someone’s memory is never fun but it can be satisfying. You’re doing your part to keep the deceased’s memory alive.

cremation services Glenview, IL

There’s comfort in knowing that you’re doing something that countless people have done before you. You can feel comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. Cremation services are events that are designed to give you a chance to say goodbye to your loved one, the deceased. It’s a chance to say what you need to say in public in front of other people who loved the deceased.