Should You Bring a Gift to a Funeral?

December 16, 2019 | Categories:

When it comes to choosing the perfect funeral homes Morton Grove, IL, you have to depend on your gut. How can you tell which company is the best if you’ve never used any of them? You have to depend on outside reviews and your own intuition.

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The same is true when it comes to funeral etiquette. If you aren’t sure what to do, follow the lead set by the other mourners. For instance, should you bring a gift to the funeral? In some cultures, it could be seen as an insult to show up empty-handed. However, in other cultures, it would be unusual or even tacky to bring something.

Your best bet is to speak to other people. If you can’t get a clear answer, bring something small. A bouquet of flowers is almost always acceptable. A florist can design a bouquet that’s especially suited to a dramatic event like a funeral.

Or, if you need a better gift, you can bring something for the spouse or parents of the deceased. Obviously, you don’t want to give them theme park tickets or a restaurant voucher. Those gifts would not be appropriate at most funerals. What could work is something like a bottle of wine. If you don’ want to spend a lot o money, you can opt or something personalized. A handwritten letter, for example, demonstrates that you care and that you’re thinking of their pain.

Unfortunately, grief can be very complicated. Your entire world changes when someone you love dies. A gift won’t bring your loved one back to you. Yet, the simple reminder that people are thinking of you in invaluable. That’s partly why people host funerals. They don’t want to feel alone in their grief.

If you’re told that you shouldn’t bring a gift to the funeral, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to help out and show you care. You might donate money to a charity group that was important to the deceased. Or you can help their widow with childcare and other tasks. Day to day functioning is more difficult, so any help that you can give to the mourners very important.

Another option is to bring food. For many, food is associated with love. Cooking for someone is a way to show them that they’re on your mind. You don’t have to make anything fancy. A simple meal is enough to show your point.

Gifts are usually associated with happier times. That’s why you need to put more thought into a funeral gift. It’s easy to come up with fun ways to make someone feel good. It’s much harder if you’re trying to find a gift fit for a funeral. If you’re not ready to give a gift, your presence at the memorial should be enough.

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