Publishing an Obituary

March 13, 2023 | Categories:


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The trend of writing a strong obituary for a lost loved one after cremation services Evanston, IL, has been an inherent component of American culture for centuries. But one question that still pops up in the mind of many people is, why do the bereaved families still publish an obituary?

The fact that you can communicate the information to all friends and family as well as the community via platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. questions the need for an obituary. If anything, publishing an obituary formally announces the person’s death, tells their life story, and shares key funeral information.

If you’re still not convinced, then read the below reasons to understand why printing the death news in the local media is a good choice for many families.

1. Honor the Deceased

Writing an obituary is a perfect way to give a last tribute to the departed soul. Everyone has a story that should be told and preserved to make sure the world remembers them – and the obituary does it for them.

It includes basic information about the person including how that person lived, what were his contributions to the community and the country at large, and why that person should be held in high regard.

In addition, it also tells the community about their work history, accomplishments, hobbies, favorite sports, food, etc. that made the decedent stand apart.

2. Sharing Messages with the Whole Community

The obituary section is one of the most important parts of local newspapers. Many people go through it to learn about the passing away of someone they might know. This way, it maximizes the audience of people who know or had a connection with the deceased.

An obituary is still the preferred way of finding out about the local residents who have died. Despite increasing access to the news online, people resort to obituary pages as a trusted source of information about the deceased.

3. Expediting the Healing Process

An obituary is a physical piece of document that you can store in a memory book. This is a great way to honor and remember the loved one anytime you want.

Remembrance is an important part of grieving and healing. When you think about the death of the loved one and instantly take out the memory book and read the obituary, it gives you strength and hope.

Knowing that the loved one is in a better place and happy expedites the healing journey and helps you return to normalcy.

4. Preserves the Legacy

Cremation Service Evanston ILIf you want to preserve the memory of the lost loved one for the coming generations, then writing an obituary is the way to go. The obituary announces the death to the world, and provides a record. People can look it up in the future, or stumble across it.

Just by reading their obituary, the future generations know a great deal about their age, maiden name, profession, and personal and professional life, and that’s how their legacy is passed onto the next generations after cremation services Evanston, IL. Visit our location if you want some planning ahead.