Primary Duties of a Funeral Director

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Most people have the slightest idea about what a funeral director at funeral homes Skokie, IL, exactly does. Maybe because death and funerals are the least discussed topics. But it’s important to understand the duties and responsibilities of the director as he is the person who is tasked with giving a proper send-off to your loved one.

Here is everything you need to know about the various roles of the funeral director and how they care for the grieving family.

Responsibilities of a Funeral Director

Also known as a funeral arranger, the funeral director is tasked with arranging everything involved in a funeral event. Whether the family wants a burial or cremation, service, religious farewell, or customized send-off, he makes sure all the services are carried out as planned.

Soon after hiring, the director sits with the family and listens to their requests, and then offers all the amazing options they have to make the service memorable. Check out their foremost duties:

From arranging transportation of the body to the family home or chapel if a viewing is to take place to find a suitable date and time for the service, to the type of coffin or casket used, and from booking the venue, arranging the catering, and to handling additional services like music and flowers, a funeral does it all.

He is the go-to person if you have any queries or concerns about the whole event or if something goes south.

They keep you informed about pricing and take note of any special requests you may have regarding the care of your loved one.

They are well-trained to handle special requests. For instance, if there is a special outfit you would like your loved one buried or cremated in or any type of make-up they liked to wear to ensure your loved one will look as close to they did in life.

They may work independently or may work alongside assistants who perform tasks like ordering the flowers, collecting the music, and attending to some of the arrangements.

Arranging the Funeral

The funeral director might take help from others to fill in the roles – especially if the family has made some special requests. For instance, a celebrant may be requested if a religious service is not requested, or a priest, pastor, rabbi, or cultural leader may be called upon to conduct the service.

The funeral director is responsible for managing tasks if the body is repatriated to another country. And similarly, if there is a delay between death and the service and cremation or burial, the body may need to be embalmed for preservation.

For less popular funerals like when the deceased is being interred in an above-ground vault or crypt, they have to deal with associated departments to get the job done.

One Point of Contactfuneral home Skokie IL

In short, your funeral director is one point of contact in your planning and executing of a perfect funeral service. He or she is available throughout the process so that you and your family don’t have to worry about how everything will come together at funeral homes Skokie, IL. Visit our location now.