Practical Ways to Deal with a Friend’s Loss

April 19, 2021 | Categories:

Cremation services Glenview, IL, can always bring out tough emotions but the pain becomes particularly difficult to bear when you lose a best friend. The feelings of sorrow and grief may affect just as strongly as losing a close family member – or even worse.

For many people, it causes a huge impact on their personal and professional lives. Keeping this in mind, this blog-post is going to discuss various simple ways to help people heal quickly after the loss of a best friend.

1. Reaching Out to Other Friends

Spending time with friends and people both your departed friend and you knew can help mitigate the pain. Such people are likely to experience the same emotions as you’re and can understand better how you’re feeling right now.

Some friends might distance themselves from you for some time as they don’t know how to deal with grief but some friends are going to be with you throughout the grief journey. You can offer support and comfort to each other while spending time together. Remember – don’t shy from having fun as you need a distraction from grief to focus on your personal life.

2. Eat Well and Have Enough Sleep

The bond you had with your best friend will continue to be stronger long after they have left you forever. It’ll be difficult for you to focus on even the little tasks of your personal life – at least, for some time.

But to help yourself heal quickly, you should maintain your diet plan and eat well. Grief is bound to affect your eating and sleeping patterns; it leads to a decrease in appetite and an irregular sleep schedule. But physical health is a prerequisite to beginning the healing process. Make sure, you’re having a balanced diet and getting enough sleep to withstand the stress of grieving.

3. Exercise Regularly

All medical practitioners and psychologists are in unison on the importance of regular exercise in coping with grief and/or depression of losing a loved one. Aside from improving your physical health (and getting more sleep), exercise helps stimulate the release of chemicals called endorphins that trigger positive feelings in your body.

It improves your mood and gives you the strength to get past the overwhelming grief. You don’t need an excessive workout for that, even a morning walk will serve the purpose.

Cremation services Glenview, IL4. Do Something in their Memory

If you want to heal quickly and also honor your friend, then do some volunteer work in their name. You have a myriad of options to reassure that their memory lives on and convey gratitude for all the positive changes they have had brought in your life.

You can:

  • Donate to the lost friend’s favorite charity organization.


  • Complete/continue their unfinished community service project if any


  • Do volunteer work in their name every Sunday.


  • Host a dinner or a memorial service and invite all your friends and loved ones and pay tribute to the deceased.


  • Plant a tree.


  • Make a scrapbook or write a journal.

Cremation services Glenview, IL, are not the end of the deceased’s life celebration.