How to Write the Perfect Eulogy

November 1, 2021 | Categories:

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Delivering a eulogy in honor of the deceased has been a long-held tradition in funeral homes Skokie, IL and elsewhere. It is one last gift that you can present to the lost loved one as well as the bereaved family.

But writing a perfect eulogy is no easy task at a time when you are experiencing your own grief and sadness. It’s perfectly natural to get a bit stressed out at first when the bereaved family asks you to deliver a eulogy – but remember, it’s a great honor.

What to Include in a Eulogy

With basic information at your disposal, you can write a meaningful eulogy that offers the best possible tribute to the deceased. Here’s a detailed guide on structuring a perfect eulogy.

1. Get a Picture of the Deceased’s Life

Spend some time with the departed soul’s friends and family to know important details about their life. Get a basic idea of the person’s life – the different ups and downs of life and various happy and funny moments. This information will give the inspiration to articulate a memorable eulogy as you begin writing.

2. Jot Down a List

You may already know quite some impressions and stories of the deceased. Think of little things that make them unique and special. Get help from other friends to know what was important to the lost loved one including their hobbies, favorite sports, food, and music, and so on.

Write them down on a piece of paper and give them a proper shape and structure

3. Develop a Mixed Theme

Even though it’s a sad event but the eulogy doesn’t necessarily have to be too emotional and serious. Rather it should encompass a blending of themes. Starting from a serious tone, you can also add funny and happy moments of the deceased’s life.

Don’t shy away from bringing a burst of laughter on the faces of your audience – they may appreciate it. Include humorous stories or a specific event that sums up the person’s life. The eulogy can even end on a high note.

Use a sentence like “We will always miss you” or “Rest well on your journey, my dear friend…”

4. Create an Outlinefuneral homes Skokie, IL

No matter how good you’re at writing, always prepare an outline. Organize all the memories, events, special traits, and achievements of the deceased in chronological order or by an overriding theme.

It should have a proper introduction followed by the body which includes all the highlights and memories of the lost loved one. Finally, end the eulogy on a positive note, giving hope to the bereaved while ensuring the legacy of the deceased is passed on to the next generations.

5. Get it Rechecked

Have the final draft of the eulogy proofread by a close friend or immediate member of the deceased’s family if you want final suggestions. You may decide to edit it based on their comments. When you read the eulogy at funeral homes Skokie, IL, you want to make sure you deliver the best version.