How to Write a Moving Eulogy

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funeral homes Niles, ILWriting a eulogy is no easy task. Given that you’re already overwhelmed by the loss of a loved one and searching for funeral homes Niles, IL, it’s very difficult to compose and deliver a eulogy that truly honors the deceased.

The biggest challenge faced while writing a eulogy is that you have a limited time to recollect your thoughts, write them down on a paper, and deliver in front of the bereaved. Many people are at a loss for words when called upon to deliver a eulogy. The reason is that they have never given a eulogy in their lives and are often carried away with feelings of pain and grief.

That’s why it’s vital to understand the ins and outs of writing a eulogy to celebrate the life of the departed while giving a moment of catharsis to the bereaved. Needless to say, everyone has a unique style and tone of writing, but studying the below guide will help you write a captivating, meaningful, and moving eulogy.

Begin with a Lighthearted Touch

Writing the first couple of lines of a eulogy is the most difficult part. Start with lighter or humorous material to provide a bit of gentle relief to the bereaved. The majority – including you – are already in excessive pain and grief. You don’t want the audience to break into tears before finishing the first paragraph.

Write for Your Audience

You must remember that the eulogy is written for the audience, not for yourself. The audience has their own memories and experiences with the departed, so including only your personal interactions with him or her would be inconsiderate. Do share personal memories but find ways to connect with the whole audience. By narrating funny events or stories, you will give people the chance to reminisce over positive memories of the loved one. Proofread your eulogy with someone even closer to the deceased.

Keep it Brief

The eulogy is an important part of a funeral service, but there are many other things to do, too. To prevent the audience from getting boring or funeral going longer than it should, keep your eulogy short and sweet. Aim for something you can complete in 6-7 minutes. Focus more on the quality of the eulogy.

Don’t Make It Too Serious

You have to mix heavy stuff with the light one, as a too serious eulogy will make the mood feel even heavier. Don’t feel shy to include humor in the eulogy to make the audience laugh. A eulogy is more about learning the qualities of the deceased so describe happy memories and share stories of their life with family friends.

An effective eulogy will draw out both laughter and tears from the audience.

End on a Positive Note

The eulogy should end on a high note. Adding some words of encouragement and hope for the bereaved will go a long way in providing them solace and comfort. You may use sentences like, “we will always remember (name) – for the upright character he/she was. Rest in Peace”.

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Delivering a remembrance speech can be challenging, but by honing up on the above tips, you can make it a memorable experience. Funeral homes Niles, IL, are a part of the process.