How to Plan a Perfect Funeral for Yourself

August 1, 2022 | Categories:

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Planning a funeral at funeral homes Morton Grove, IL, entails making dozens of decisions within a short span of time. The last few years have witnessed an emerging trend of funeral preplanning. It gives you extra time and space to decide how you would like to be celebrated when the time comes.

Don’t know where to start? We have put together this simple guide to help you get an idea about how to start planning for your funeral.

1. Learn About Different Services

A funeral can be as flexible and personalized as you want. Try to learn about different services involved in a funeral and how exactly you wish to be celebrated. The more you have basic knowledge about different funeral services, the better you can preplan the service.

2. Set Your Budget

Funerals can cost a lot if you don’t make scrupulous decisions. Much of the cost comes down to the choices you make, whether you want an affordable service or a high-end one.

Here’s how to set your funeral budget pragmatically.

  • Research average funeral costs in your locality
  • Jot down all the services you want at your funeral including their cost
  • Take a look at your finances and insurance, then determine what you can afford
  • Get in contact with a funeral director to help you stay on task and avoid unnecessary purchases

3. Choose Disposition Method

The next step is to determine the final disposition type. Now, it can be anything from traditional burial to cremation to green burial. The price factor plays an important part but go with the one that you’re comfortable with.

Your funeral director can also help you understand the ins and out of these common funeral types. Plus, take guidance on the additional services you can choose to personalize the event as per your wishes.

4. Plan the Service Events

After choosing the disposition method, you can start planning for other related services like music, flowers, religious reading, and more. If possible, decide on who will give the eulogy, whether it will be an open casket or a closed one, open mic sharing, and any special memorial tributes.

All these questions require you to take some time to think about and come up with the best possible arrangement. That’s the biggest advantage of preplanning in the first place. It gives you ample time to choose the best services for yourself.

5. Choose a Final Resting Place

Coming to the last and equally important question, where do you want to be buried after the funeral? Now, people have tons of options to choose a perfect resting place, irrespective of whether they opted for burial or cremation.

funeral homes Morton Grove ILThe resting place can be at a cemetery as well as in a crypt or mausoleum (above-ground burials). For cremation, the loved ones can bury your remains in the sea, scatter from a hilltop or a plane, keep them at home, or turn them into jewelry.

Now, that’s all the information you need to start preplanning at funeral homes Morton Grove, IL, right away. Reach out to us.