How to Help a Grieving Friend

December 5, 2022 | Categories:

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If your friend is making arrangements at funeral homes Evanston, IL, they need your support ad care.

One of the tragic experiences of life is seeing your close friend or colleague mourning the loss of a loved one. Unsurprisingly, your first instinct is to “help” them.

But the question is how should you help a grieving friend without hurting their emotions? Many people shy from approaching a grieving friend for the fear of saying something unwittingly that may aggravate their pain. Or maybe, they want to be alone and want space to process their grief.

We have compiled some useful tips for you to help your friend navigate through the grief journey.

1. Acknowledge Your Fiend’s Loss and Emotions

It’s natural to get confused about the right things to say when a friend loses someone they love. No matter how close the two of you are or how long you’ve been friends, it may seem there’s nothing you could possibly say or do that would make them feel any better right now.

During such time, the best thing to do is acknowledge their loss and assure them of your unconditional love and support. Try to use words of affirmation or acts of service like sending condolence letter or flowers to help another person.

2. Remember That Everyone Grieves Differently

Stating the obvious, every single person has their own unique way of processing the death of a loved one. You cannot just expect how one is reacting to the loss just because you have known them for some time.

Some people grieve by taking charge and losing themselves in their loved one’s funeral planning or executing their will. This gives them some space to adapt to the fact that their loved one has died.

Other people grieve by lamenting. They may cry for days on end, sleep more than usual, lose their appetite, and fail to respond to texts or phone calls. Be sure to extend your help as this kind of grief can be ongoing, to the point that it turns into depression.

If your friend needs counseling or other therapy in order to help them process their loss, be there for them as a show of support.

3. Give Them Space and Time

Almost everyone wonders “How can I possibly make a difference in my friend’s grief journey? Is there anything I could possibly do for them to ease their pain, albeit a little bit?

Well, one especially specific way that you can show your friend support at this very moment is to give them time. Do go ahead and give them a call or send them a message of support. But don’t be offended if they do not answer your phone call or respond to your text right away.

Funeral Home in Evanston ILChances are they are already being inundated with calls and messages from family and friends. Not to mention the additional stress of keeping in touch with the funeral home in regards to service planning.

Be patient, and if anything, they are going to appreciate the fact that you expressed your support to them along with the space and time that they needed after the service at funeral homes Evanston, IL. Reach out to us.