How to Handle the Grief of Losing a Parent

April 12, 2021 | Categories:

Searching through funeral homes Niles, IL, to find where you want to host your parents’ memorial is often an emotional experience. The loss of a parent can bring a vast emptiness to your life. It’s like losing a part of your body that’s never going to heal. The pain it accompanies is often unbelievably difficult to bear – even if their death was expected.

The thought of spending your life without your parents can result in a roller coaster of emotions.

Emotions You May Experience 

Regardless of whether you’re a teenager or an adult living in your own house, the death of a parent is bound to bring a considerable upheaval in your life. You may experience:

  • Feel like a child who is alone, vulnerable, all scared, and doesn’t know what to do. It is a natural order of things to feel helpless when a parent leaves you forever.
    Feel alone as if friends and family are not understanding the pain you’re suffering. Not everyone can.


  • Feel empty and numb and difficult to cry your eyes out. Remember, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your parent; deep down you may be struggling or overwhelmed by the mix of emotions.


  • Feel pessimistic or engulfed in deep despair. It may appear that if nothing will be ok again or you won’t back bounce or normal life ever again.


funeral homes Niles, ILHow to Cope with Grief 

While we acknowledge your pain and offer utmost sympathies, here are some strategies you can follow to make the grief journey a little better for you.

  • Take a lead in arranging the funeral services, if you’re an adult. It may help you acknowledge and adapt to the new reality. Studies show that being involved in the funeral arrangements of then lost loved one provides solace and relief from grief and accelerates the healing process.


  • Take utmost care of your physical health; a healthy body is a prerequisite to healthy grieving. Eating a balanced diet, taking enough sleep, and exercising regularly will help you get past grief and return to the old routine quickly.


  •  Don’t plunge into isolation, rather socialize with friends and family. Share your feelings and emotions with close ones and don’t shy from crying your eyes out. The more you spend time with people who understand you, the more weight you can get off your shoulders. But remember, always meet them in a comfortable and relaxing environment.


  • Do something to honor their memory. It can be anything from completing their unfulfilled dream, volunteering in their name, planting a tree, building a memorial, donating to their favorite charity.


  • Spending more time with the parent alive and fulfilling all his or her wishes. Make sure you’re always present for him/her.

Choosing the right funeral homes Niles, IL, is often the first step.