How to Explain Death to a Child

July 1, 2019 | Categories:

Have you been searching for funeral homes Evanston, IL? Then you might be in the position of needing to explain death to a child. It’s an incredibly difficult position. There’s a chance that you’ll look like the bad guy or that the child might be horrified.

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Still, it doesn’t matter. There’s no way to avoid the conversation. Putting the child through the pain of expecting the deceased to show up again is a far worse option. Many families have found themselves in the same rough position and gotten past it.

Here’s what they are.

Be Blunt

You’re not making things easier by using euphemisms. Saying grandma passed away is just confusing. You’re better off being blunt and saying grandma is dead. Because the child is just learning what the word means, it won’t have the same terror that it has for you.

Depending on the child’s age and emotional maturity, you might have to explain yourself more than once. Don’t be discouraged if that happens. In fact, it’s probably a good thing. The more you explain what death is, the more likely the child is to understand.

Be Patient

Grief is strange and unpredictable in adults. So you can imagine how wild it can be when you’re dealing with children. A distraught child might launch into a fit or tantrum after they realize that the deceased is never going to return.

Instead of getting angry at the child’s emotion, be patient and understanding. It’s only natural.

Get Support

If you don’t think you can handle the conversation on your own, get support. There’s no shame in needing help. Your own grief may be too unwieldy to manage. You might be so upset that you can barely speak. If your emotions are turbulent, it’s far more likely that the child will be deeply affected as well.

Get someone to sit next to you during the conversation. You can even have this person handle most or all of the talking if needed. This person can be another adult that’s close to the child, a close family member, or a professional like a psychiatrist.

Answer Questions

Answer all of the child’s questions if you can. You don’t want them to decide on their own answers. They could end up with a warped, unhealthy view of life and death. This view could affect their entire existence.

Most children love to ask questions. If you make sure you try to answer them, the child will trust you now.

Don’t expect the conversation to be easy or pleasant. But it is necessary. Your child needs to understand that someone who they loved is now dead.

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