How to Dress for a Cremation Service

April 13, 2020 | Categories:

All cremation services Evanston, IL, share a crucial aspect. Dressing for the memorial may not feel very important, but you want your memories to be unsullied. That means you have to dress appropriately. Wearing the wrong clothing could make someone feel as though you don’t care as much as you really do. It’s confusing.

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Obviously, you’ll have to make the final decision about your clothes yourself. But that doesn’t mean you can’t follow advice.

Dark Colors

Typically, mourners wear dark colors in the West. Black is associated with grieving. However, there are cultures that expect grieving people to wear white or yellow. If the deceased or their family was part of such a culture, you’ll need to dress in this way. However, in most cases, dark, somber colors will be appropriate.

Be Modest

Simple, modest clothing will be more pleasing than flashier clothing. You don’t need to dress in a way that draws attention to yourself. In fact, you should try to do the opposite. A modest outfit will please more people. For women, that means modest hemlines and necklines. Everyone should avoid wearing clothes that are too tight.

Be Clean

Clean clothes are very important. If you’re wearing dirty clothes, people may feel as though you couldn’t put in the time and care to dress better. It’s a very tough look to pull off. It doesn’t matter if your clothes are cheap or expensive. They don’t need to be well-made. Your clothes do, however, need to be clean. If there are holes, stains, etc., they will be very distracting.

It’s not unusual to purchase a new outfit for a funeral. These are clothes that you may have a special association with. You may not want to wear the outfit again after the funeral. If you aren’t sure if you’re wearing the right thing, speak to the family of the deceased or the person who is organizing the funeral. If you’re in charge of the planning yourself, then you can set the standard.

Clothing is one of the many ways that human beings express themselves. What you wear to the funeral can make people feel at ease, or it can put them off. Ultimately, clothing is just a small part of the overall event.

When it comes to advising others, follow your gut. Planning and managing a cremation service is a lot of work. Trying to figure out a wardrobe for everyone is too difficult. In general, people should wear nice, dark clothing. If you feel differently, however, it’s important to make that clear. Someone would only ask you for advice is they were unsure.

The cremation service will be over before you realize. These events often take place very soon after the deceased passes away. That’s because the body has to be cremated fairly soon.

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