How to Choose Music for a Funeral

May 24, 2021 | Categories:

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Many people desire to play music at cremation services Morton Grove, IL. Not too long ago, choosing decent funeral music from limited choices provided by the funeral director wasn’t that much of a complicated task. But with a wide variety of musical instruments being used today along with the desire of the bereaved family to customize the funeral, finding the right music for the memorial service is no longer a straightforward job.

Keeping this in view, this article has listed a few handy tips you can rely on to choose the best possible music option, giving an emotional and meaningful tribute to the lost loved one.


Think About the Taste of the Deceased

First thing first, start by shortlisting the songs that reflect your loved one’s taste, the songs on their favorite playlists, the songs they used to enjoy. It will add a personal element to the ceremony and create a more intimate experience for the visitors.

If you can have access to the personal MP3 library or CD collection, then it can give you a useful insight into the personal likings of the lost loved one.

If the service is somewhat religious, you can choose secular or traditional songs or hymns, but do take your religious leader or the member of the clergy on board before going for it.


Ask for Suggestions

You can take suggestions from close friends and family members, especially the ones who had spent considerable quality time with the lost loved one. They may give you the options you didn’t know or haven’t thought of yet.


Listen to the Lyrics Carefully

It’s very important to listen to every song in its entirety if you are choosing songs with lyrics. If your shortlisted playlist has some songs that you haven’t heard before then listen to the lyrics carefully as sometimes lyrics can be too surprising.

Any unethical word, considered normal in music, maybe perceived in bad taste by the audience and can violate the sanctity of the ceremony.

For this reason, review every word carefully before finalizing the list. You can take help from Google to get lyrics of any song you want to play. Also, confirm the availability of the music equipment with your funeral director.


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Be Mindful of Copyright Laws

Even though some funeral homes have blanket agreements that give them the right to use music during memorial services, be mindful of copyright laws if you’re planning on uploading a video of the service online. But you need to play on the safe side and run your final list of the songs by your funeral director.

Once you are respectful of the copyright laws, you can play both traditional or customized music at your loved one’s wake or memorial service without any worry.


Consider Playing Live Music

Many families go for arranging live music in the memory of the lost one. It can be a full choir or any talented family member can also perform at your request.

If the ceremony is being held in a religious sanctuary like a church, then you may have to ask/hire the religious clergy or members of the congregation to sing the selected playlist before or after cremation services Morton Grove, IL.