How Funerals Expedite the Healing Process?

February 21, 2022 | Categories:

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The stress of losing a family member and arranging services at funeral homes Morton Grove, IL, is one of the toughest experiences of life. the grieving person feels vulnerable and helpless and the pain can be overwhelming. During such moments, they need the support of family and friends more than ever and that’s what a funeral brings.

A funeral, like any other ritual, is a symbolic activity that helps us cope with the grief of the lost loved one, express our emotions, and move on with life. In all cultures and religions, funerals are held to honor the dead and comfort the deceased.

The below reasons justify how funerals expedite the healing process of the bereaved.

1. Accept the Reality of the death

The death of a loved one comes as a great shock and it triggers the ‘Denial” mode of the brain as a natural defense mechanism,

By arranging a funeral, you conform to your cultural or religious traditions and acknowledge the fact that the deceased has left this world forever never to return. Aside from helping you adapt to the new reality, it also begins the healing process.

2. Give Tribute to the Deceased

Funerals are the best way to give the perfect send-off to a lost loved one that reflects their great personality. While arranging the funeral, the person gets time to reflect on the good times spend with the loved one and how to pay them tribute in front of friends and family.

A eulogy is considered the best way to help the community to acknowledge the contributions, sacrifices, and services of the deceased for the family and nation at large. Many people personalize the funeral in a way that perfectly demonstrates the life of the deceased.

Events such as favorite music of the deceased, bringing flowers, customizing the casket, etc. honor the memory of the departed soul.

3. Share Your Emotions

Funerals provide you an opportunity for the grieving person to share their grief, frustration, and overwhelming emotions with their loved ones.

Psychologists believe that shedding a few tears and opening up about your inner feelings with friends and family can help you expedite the healing process.

4. Develop a New Self-Identity

Another primary goal of a funeral is the development of a new self-identity. Our identity is shaped by our relations such as a father, brother, sister, mother, wife, etc., and when a family member dies, it changes it altogether. Funerals help us to accept it and adapt to the new identity.

5. Receive Emotional Support from Communityfuneral homes Morton Grove, IL

A funeral is an established way of expressing and sharing our emotions with friends, family, and, the rest of the community. Gaining empathy from the community and spending more time among people relieves your heart off the extra burden and you start coping with the grief healthily.

The very purpose of inviting guests and clergy members to a funeral is to spend more time with close friends. These people reminisce stories of the golden time and happy moments spent with the lost loved one that gives emotional and physical strength to the bereaved family. You get condolences and caring hugs at funeral homes Morton Grove, IL, help you cope with the irreparable loss.