How Color Therapy Can Heal Your Grief

September 9, 2019 | Categories:

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Spending your time searching for the right funeral homes Morton Grove, IL. You have to try to manage your grief while also dealing with funeral planning. It’s not fun, it’s not easy, but it is necessary. To make your life smoother, you need to come up with healthy ways to deal with what’s happening to you.

Color therapy can help you very much. Color therapy is the belief that certain colors are primed to trigger certain emotions. It’s not like taking an aspirin where the effects are obvious. Color therapy is very individualistic and personal. You have to think about the accepted standards as well as your own personal desires.


After someone you care about dies, you might stop thinking about your clothes. You don’t care what you look like or what anyone thinks. However, you might forget that clothes can actually make you feel better. Your culture may ask that you dress in mourning for a set period of time. If this is the case, you don’t have a lot of choice about the colors that you wear. You might, however, be able to add colorful accessories. If this isn’t allowed either, think about your undergarments. Just knowing that you’re wearing a special color for yourself can give you a special pep in your day.

If you’re free to wear whatever color you want, you should seriously think about avoiding dark colors. They’re associated with death so they may bring down your mood.

Your Walls

If you want to get a fresh start after someone dies, think about painting your walls. If you change the color, you might settle on something that soothes you. A simple yellow or green can calm your angry passions. These colors are associated with relaxation. Contrast that to a color like red which is known for riling people up. Red inspires passion and creativity.

Adding color to your walls is quiet way to make yourself feel better.


If you decide that specific and intention color therapy is something that you want to try for, you can do so with colored lights. Lightbox therapy is actually an accepted form of treatment for depression. Lightbox usually use bright white light to mimic the sun. However, you can also flood your room with other shades. You don’t have to leave it on all the time. Even a few hours of standard light therapy can be enough to make a big difference.

Color therapy can’t cure your grief but it can help you manage it. Grief is a very difficult emotion to process. It can color everything that happens to you.

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