Honoring a Death Anniversary

February 13, 2023 | Categories:


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Whether it’s the first cremation services Skokie, IL, anniversary of your loved one or the twentieth, it is always a very emotional day. All the memories kept coming back and it brings the feeling of loss into sharp focus.

What you can do to honor the departed soul is create a tradition or activity in their name. It is a great way to commemorate the life of your loved one while giving your grief recovery an outlet. Here is a list of some thoughtful things you can do to honor their memory.

1. Visit Their Resting Place

Start your day by visiting the loved one’s final resting place, whether at a cemetery, memorial garden, or wherever the ashes were scattered.

Take flowers to the grave and spend some time thinking about all the happy memories and time you have spent together. Similarly, visiting the headland, forest, or park when your loved one’s ashes were scattered can be a calming experience.

It’s better to visit them alone, but don’t be afraid to ask for a friend or relative to join you on your visit for support.

2. Arrange a Dinner with Close Family and Friends

Another long-standing tradition is holding a memorial dinner and inviting close family and friends. It is a great way to get mutual support from all the people feeling the loss.

Try to serve the deceased’s favorite dishes or beverages as a tribute to their legacy. The key here is having other people around you who understand how you are feeling and most likely feel a similar loss. Ask them to share stories and anecdotes of the departed soul.

Aside from that, such gatherings can reinforce family bonds and keep the memory of your loved one alive

3. Start a Memorial Project

Why not turn this sad day into a memorable one that reinforces the legacy of your loved one? Many people start a memorial project like a memorial garden in their backyard or any community service program in the name of the departed soul.

Each year on the anniversary you can pour your untiring efforts and look to grow the project into something that may benefit.

4. Write Down Your Emotions

Have you considered giving voice to your words – the words you have always wanted to tell your loved one but couldn’t? Or maybe, you just want to write down your emotions in their memory.

If you’re not so good with words, try compiling photos from happier times when you were together. It will be a healthy activity on this special day as it could become a lovely activity where you might shed some tears but also some laughs.

5. Do Regular Activities at Homecremation service Skokie IL

If you don’t have the energy to do anything special, consider doing normal activities while at home. For instance, listen to your loved one’s music collection, watch a movie you used to enjoy together, water the plants, and so on.

Doing familiar things gives you comfort.

These activities help you find life after cremation services Skokie, IL. Reach out to us if you need more help.