Funeral Etiquette: What You Should Know

May 18, 2020 | Categories:

Finding the right funeral homes Evanston, IL, will never be an easy process. It requires you to set your grief aside while you work with professional companies. Attending a funeral isn’t easy either. You don’t have to be involved in the planning, but there are expectations about your behavior that you’ll need to adhere to.

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Be on Time

Showing up late to an event is often frowned upon, but it’s particularly upsetting at funerals. Everyone is there for the same purpose. Often, there’s a schedule that the funeral hosts are trying to follow. Funeral homes may have multiple memorial services on the same day. If the schedule is off, it throws off the day for everyone.

It’s also distracting if you show up late. Everyone’s attention will be drawn toward you even though they want to focus on the deceased.

Dress Modestly

Modest, simple attire will be best at the funeral. You want to blend into the crowd, not stand out. You should wear an outfit that doesn’t expose too much skin, isn’t tight. The color and design should be simple. The clothing can be well-made and new, the key is just that it suits the somber mood. This is clothing that would fit in at an old-fashioned, corporate office.

The dress code applies to men, women, and children. While the clothing should always be modest, some memorials are more casual.

Pay Attention to Children

It may be appropriate to bring young children to the funeral. If you do, you also have to take responsibility for keeping a close eye on them. If the child starts crying or making a scene during the funeral, you have to take them outside. It may mean that you miss part of the memorial yourself, but there’s no other option.

You should be especially careful if you’re taking a very young child. They may not have the emotional maturity required to sit through the entire event.


It’s very important to listen quietly and respectfully. Funerals are obviously very emotional, so it can be hard to focus on anything more than your pain. However, you will have many more chances to be alone with your grief. At the funeral, it’s better to focus on the event itself. It will only happen once and it’s shared between multiple people.

Limit Cell Phone Use

Many people spend a lot of time on their phones throughout the day. This may not be the best course at the funeral. You’ll want to give your full attention to whoever is speaking. In addition, the people around you may find your phone distracting. Before you start taking pictures or recording the event, make sure that doing so is okay with the event organizer.

Attending a funeral doesn’t have to be stressful. You don’t need to do anything special. The basic etiquette requirements make the experience more valuable for everyone. You and the other mourners will be able to appreciate the memorial. These are memories that you will want to keep.

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