Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation Service

May 3, 2021 | Categories:

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The trend of families choosing cremation services Skokie, IL, as a type of final disposition of their loved ones is on the rise in the US and elsewhere. Despite its widespread prevalence, most people don’t know much about cremation beyond burning the bodies and gathering the ashes.


Keeping this in view, this blog post aims to answer your most commonly asked questions about cremation to help you better understand and customize the final services of your lost loved one.


What Processes Are Included in a Cremation Ceremony?

A traditional cremation service entails burning the body to ashes by exposing it to open flames, evaporation, or intense heat. The body is placed in a specially designed chamber called a retort or cremation chamber.


Before placing it in the chamber, the body is cleaned and all jewelry, medical devices or batteries, and keepsakes are removed to prevent any reaction with fire. Then, a metal ID is tagged on the body to confirm the identity of the deceased after the cremation and the container is then moved to the cremation site and the process is commenced.


Unlike a burial funeral, a cremation service often doesn’t take very long. However, the time may vary significantly depending on the distance to the site of the cremation. Also, it may take the bereaved family seven to ten days on average to receive the ashes of the loved one as ashes must be cooled before being placed in an urn.


Can a Viewing Be Arranged for Family Members?

The answer is Yes. The bereaved family can invite friends and family to witness the cremation. In fact, many religious communities consider this as a part of their funeral traditions. However, it may cost the family an extra fee to arrange a viewing.


Can Family Arrange a Visitation while Choosing Cremation?

Visitation is not only allowed prior to the cremation process but is also a popular custom choice by many families. You can host a visitation and present the body before friends and family to honor the life and death of the lost loved one. However, the duration of visitation before cremation is often less.

Also, the family needs to buy a casket, preferably a cardboard casket, for the body.


cremation services Skokie, ILCan Someone Perform Two Cremations at Once?

No, in general, it’s illegal to perform two cremations at the same place and time. However, some states allow cremating multiple bodies at once if the deceased were closely related or co-inhabitants like a couple.

In some cases, the cremated remains of the deceased are also mixed, called commingling, in a companion urn as a symbol of an unending bond.


What Are Other Ways of Storing Cremated Remains?

Along with urns, which are a popular and affordable choice for many families also accounting for religious and cultural factors, there are other types of vessels available to store the remains. You can choose to house the ashes as cremation jewelry and wear them as necklaces, bracelets, or anything else. Putting it differently, you can choose to store remains in any form or way that brings you peace and comfort after cremation services Skokie, IL.