Easy Ways to Personalize A Funeral Service on A Budget

October 5, 2020 | Categories:

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A visit to funeral homes Glenview, IL, is the last chance to say goodbye to a lost loved one. The purpose of organizing a funeral is to pay tribute and gratitude to the deceased – it’s necessary to begin the healing process. Personalizing a funeral service has a positive impact on the bereaved and gives a fitting farewell to the departed – the one he or she deserves.

Having a funeral for your loved one is a highly personal affair and you can make it even more memorable by personalizing it. Many people have a misconception that personalizing a funeral may break the bank. However, you can personalize a funeral on budget with the right planning and that’s what this article will discuss in detail.

Present the Deceased’s Beverage

Celebrating the dead by presenting his or her favorite food on the table precedes the history of America. If you cannot afford to give a full meal, you can present the mourners with the favorite beverage of the lost loved one – next to water and coffee. Such an arrangement won’t cost you very much but can go a long way in giving tribute to the departed.

Light Candles

Lighting candles on special events is always a moodsetter. They add a soothing atmosphere to an anxious and tense setting. People naturally associate candles with somber moments.

Pick Meaningful Flowers

Nothing complements and adds value to a funeral better than flowers. Considered the language of the heart, flowers reflect the life of the deceased and customize the ceremony. Pick flowers that perfectly match the traits, character, and personality of the deceased. People often prefer lilies, roses, orchids, daffodils, etc. for the funeral.

Use Unconventional Reading Material

While at a funeral, most people tend to read verses of religious or spiritual texts – and they DO provide solace and comfort to the bereaved. But you can include unconventional reading services to give a more personal outlook to the funeral and evoke an even stronger emotional response. You may read lines of the loved one’s favorite novel, poem, or any such pieces that remind the audience of him or her.

Personalize the Casket

The casket contains the body of the deceased and almost every visitor comes near to it to pay tribute. You can place items that bring back the memories of the deceased around the casket. You can arrange flowers, personal photos, stuffed animals, or awards of the departed soul. Additionally, you may spread the perfume that the departed love around the casket.

Play the Deceased’s Favorite Music

Having an instrumentalist at a funeral can be costly, but you can play songs on a music player. It is a creative way of paying tribute to the lost loved one. Opt for songs that the deceased loved or that reflect their personality. Playing a few favorite songs that remind people of the deceased is a popular way to personalize a funeral.

funeral homes Glenview, IL

Organizing a funeral is the most overwhelming task for any individual – given the excessive pain and stress you are already encountering. However, one can make it more memorable and momentous by adding something unique to the funeral – within your budgetary constraints. Keep this knowledge in mind when you search for funeral homes Glenview, IL.