Deep Diving Into Memorial Planning

January 25, 2021 | Categories:

Cremation services Niles, IL

Cremation services Niles, IL, are born from a long tradition. Humans have been memorializing the lost loved ones since the beginning of time. The traditions and rituals pertaining to honoring the deceased and expressing our grief vary from culture to culture. With time, our traditions evolved and so do how we memorialize the departed ones.

No matter what tradition you follow, holding memorialization services not only pays tribute to the deceased but expedites the healing process for the surviving family as well.

Considering the latest trends in the funeral industry, you can count on the following tips when it comes to planning memorialization.

Disposition of Body

Most Americans grow up knowing burials as the default form of saying one final goodbye. This practice is well-entrenched in American society and can be seen in Hollywood movies and funerals of notable personalities. However, this trend is subjected to significant shifts in the last decade or so, as more and more people are considering direct cremation, body donation for scientific studies, entombment. Having that decided, the surviving family can shape the commemoration accordingly.

The venue of Memorialization Services

Mostly, people chose funeral homes, churches, and dedicated spaces for holding memorial services where friends and family gather to remember and honor the departed soul. However, your options aren’t limited to these areas and you can choose a nontraditional location to hold services. Given the new modifications forced by Covid-19, people are opting for beaches, open grounds, or scenic locations to gather, if the body doesn’t have to be present.

The rationale is to gather friends and family after the service and celebrate the deceased’s life.

Funeral Celebrants

A funeral celebrant is a person who performs the formal funeral ceremony. If your family doesn’t want to have a religious funeral and after services, then you don’t necessarily have to hire a certified celebrant. Instead, you can choose to invite close friends and family and hold an informal ceremony – just to give tribute to the departed soul.

Else, you can always hire a certified celebrant in a private memorial service. They are dedicated members of the clergy who can bring their own unique ideas to make the event memorable for you and the loved one.

Funeral Flowers

Flowers express the inner emotions which the words often fail to do so. The history of floral displays predates the earlier Roman Empire and this tradition has been thriving since then. Flowers themselves tell a whole lot of stories about the deceased’s character.

You can transform any room with a beautiful arrangement of the lost loved one’s favorite flowers or the ones that showcase their hobbies, favorite sports, profession, and upright and noble character. Just contact a professional florist and ask him to make a unique and beautiful wreath with flowers and personal mementos.

Cremation services Niles, IL

Memorial Dinners

It’s a nice gesture to cook the favorite meal of the deceased on special occasions like their birthday, or engagement, or wedding anniversary and invite friends and family. They can share personal stories and happy times spent with the departed loved one. Such events keep the memory and legacy of your loved one alive and reflect how much you loved and missed the deceased. Cremation services Niles, IL, are the first step toward healing.