Condolence Letter Writing Tips

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Writing a condolence letter to a family member or friend after a loss is common at funeral homes Evanston, IL. A few words of special sympathy and condolences can bring comfort to the bereaved as well as expedite the healing process.

It sends a powerful message that they are not alone during these tough times. But if you’re writing this letter for the first time and not sure what to include, then look no further.

Check out the below tips to make it more thoughtful:

1. Acknowledge the Loss and Grief of Your Friend

In the opening sentences, acknowledge the pain and loss of the bereaved. Don’t highlight the cause and manner of the death but let them know that you realize the rollercoaster of emotions they’re feeling and you’ll be there for them throughout their grief journey.

2. The Letter Should be Personal

First of all, the condolence should be personal and express your deep emotions. Try to add personal components like mentioning the deceased by name or highlighting your special relationship with them. Add qualities, strengths, and achievements of the deceased and how they have cast a positive effect on your life.

3. Reflect on Your Empathy and Support

Try to write more words for the bereaved and show them how much you care for them. Sentences like, “I am so sorry for your loss” and “I can’t imagine the pain and anxiety you must be feeling right now but I am always thinking of you.”

Never try to draw and comparison of your own grief to theirs. No two grief journeys are the same and shouldn’t be treated as same. So, focus more on offering your condolences and sympathies to provide them comfort and solace.

4. Look for Practical Ways to Help

The days following the death of a loved one can be extremely traumatic for the bereaved and probably a million things are going in their mind – from funeral arrangements to planning about how to return to normal life.

It’s always a pleasant gesture to offer direct and practical support to the bereaved like, “Let me know if there’s any way I could help you.” Some people are too shy to accept such offers so, offer something specific like cooking a few meals, have their clothes and house washed, or running errands for them.

However, avoid making promises that you can’t honor.

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5. Focus on Heartfelt Closing

End your letter on a positive and sympathetic note. Use affectionate and thoughtful words to make it meaningful and heartfelt. Using phrases such as “With love and deepest condolences”, “My Sincere sympathies”, or ”My thoughts and prayers are always with you” can do the job.

It’s better hand-deliver or have mailed the condolence letter within the first two weeks following the loss. The content can vary depending on your relationship with the bereaved family of the deceased, but it must include expressions of sympathy, condolences, affection, and unconditional grief support. You can get more advice at funeral homes Evanston, IL. Reach out to us.