Common Funeral Planning Mistakes to Avoid

February 1, 2021 | Categories:

Funeral homes in Lincolnwood, IL

Funeral homes in Lincolnwood, IL, can help you plan and arrange a funeral of a lost loved one, an event you may have to face at some point in your life. Since people avoid discussing funerals for many reasons, they often fall into making mistakes that could have been avoided with a little preplanning.  

So, below are some of the mistakes you should be looking out for while planning a funeral for either yourself or a loved one.  

Not Researching Funeral Homes 

You may find several funeral homes in and around your locality; all might seem equally good. But no two funeral homes are the same. They all differ in the quality of services they provide and what they charge for those services.   

But what looks good on paper may appear otherwise once you get to visit it in-person. People often make two mistakes: first, not doing enough of background check on the funeral home they prefer, and second, not exploring all the funeral home reviews available for them to read.   

Most people readily settle for the funeral director or funeral home they already know or have heard from a friend or a family member. Take out time to get information and make sure this is the right choice for finalizing your decision.  

Delaying Preplanning

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make about their funerals is stalling the planning process. “I am too young to plan my funeral”, “I will do it tomorrow”, or “What’s the rush” are some of the clichés that motivate people to delay planning their funerals, and sadly, many don’t live to do it at all.  

Not only ever-rising inflation takes a toll on the left ones but your last wishes may also not get fulfilled, should you leave the choice on others.  

That’s why you should get in contact with a trustworthy and professional funeral director and take his guidance in chalking out your pre-funeral planning.   

Not Asking Enough Questions

Arranging a funeral involves making dozens of decisions in a very short time that can leave you high and dry at a time when you are already overwhelmed by grief and sorrow. Also, mourning and the pain of losing a loved one may cloud your judgment and make it harder to make good decisions.

Funeral homes in Lincolnwood, IL

To avoid facing this dilemma of making hard decisions, you should walk through every single step of planning and arranging a funeral beforehand. Also, ask your funeral director every question you have about the funeral service. Whatever pops up in your head, ask it out without hesitating. It’s normal to have queries about funerals.  

Not Sharing Your Feelings

Studies show that most Americans wish to share their feelings with loved ones but only a few manage to do so. They feel awkward in talking spelling out their last desires and wishes and regret it later on.  

You should write down what you’d like to be played and served at your funeral, what clothes you would be wearing, what should be done to your material property, and whether you want to be buried or cremated, etc.  

You should document your wishes with a funeral home and let your family know as well to eliminate the confusion and take the burden off your family. Funeral homes in Lincolnwood, IL, can help with the rest of the planning.