Comfort a Grieving Friend

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One of the most difficult experiences of life is approaching a grieving person and offering your condolences after cremation services Morton Grove, IL. Many people shy away from talking for the fear of saying something inadvertently that might offend them or make things worse.

But truth be told, it’s more hurtful to say nothing to someone who last lost a loved one. Words have the power to comfort a grieving soul. Here are several tips you should bear in mind to console your friend:

1. Acknowledge the Person’s Loss

Don’t be afraid to state what a terrible thing it is to have happened. You can’t just behave as if nothing has happened. But don’t make it sound disrespectful. Do it in a way that feels natural.

Say something like, ‘I heard about the passing away of John –I’m very sorry.’

2. Be Empathetic

Try to be as empathetic with them as you can. Saying, ‘I can’t imagine how it feels for you,’ is a great way to acknowledge that their grief is unique and that you know how much pain they are going through.

3. Talk About the Person Who Died

Psychologists recommend talking about the departed soul with the bereaved. Using their name or sharing a short story, like saying things like ‘they were so funny, or ‘I remember this about her so clearly…’ can give much-needed comfort to them. Also, it opens up an opportunity for them to talk and share their emotions.

Remember, it’s best to avoid general questions like ‘how are you?’ or “how are you feeling?” That doesn’t make any sense.

Instead, try asking, ‘how are you coping? have you got enough support?’, and so on.

4. Express Your Grief

Knowing that other people understand and share their grief gives them strength and optimism to navigate through the grief recovery journey. Also, don’t let fear of tears or anger hold you back from expressing words of sympathy. You can make a big difference.

5. Don’t Hold Yourself Back for the Fear of Upsetting Someone

The person who has been bereaved already is upset and, as long as you try to be sensitive, it is better to say something rather than keep your distance.

And more importantly, don’t just forget them after the funeral or memorial service. The grief just doesn’t go away within a few days. Asking them ‘what’s life like now?’ and ‘how are you coping?’ after every few days can be helpful for them. It lets them have an opportunity to tell you about things that they might be struggling with.

cremation services Morton Grove ILIn short, it can be harder to approach a bereaved person and talk to them. But a true friend goes a step further and tries to comfort them through kind words. Remember that the grieving person often gets confused about what to say. So, be ready to face, ‘I don’t want to talk about it,’ or ‘please talk about it.’

It’s better to say something and trust them to tell you if they don’t want to talk about things related to cremation services Morton Grove, IL. Were here to help.