Answers to Frequently Asked Funeral Questions

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Funeral homes Morton Grove, IL

Funeral homes Morton Grove, IL, may not be on your mind until your loved one passes away. A funeral is probably one of the least discussed topics you can imagine with only about 14% of Americans talking about death and after-life arrangements with friends or family. That’s why so many families have questions pertaining to events or rituals involved in a traditional funeral service.

In this article, we have compiled a list of questions concerning the funerals that you may or may not feel comfortable asking the funeral director. Mostly, the answers rely on the wishes of the bereaved family but we tried our best to present the most appropriate and widely acceptable answers.


What to Do If Loved One Died Away from Home?

In such an unfortunate event, the bereaved family has to contact two funeral homes, one at the place of death and the other where the funeral service is to be arranged. The first funeral home or mortuary handles the body preparation and transportation arrangements

Mostly, the local funeral home contacts the other funeral home and coordinates all the arrangements as per the family’s wishes.


What Do Funeral Directors Do?

Funeral directors carry out a wide range of tasks which include

Preparing the body for burial or cremation

Filling out the necessary paperwork

Scheduling all religious and/or non-religious services before and after the funeral service

Notifying the relevant authorities

Assist the family in buying various goods and services and so on.

They are supposed to exhibit a great deal of empathy and care with the bereaved family and provide them emotional support apart from helping them fulfill all the final wishes of the deceased.

Simply put, a professional funeral director guides you through the entire funeral process and offers you multiple options to give the best possible tribute to the lost loved one.


What is Embalming?

It is a scientific process of preserving the body from early decomposition. It gives the bereaved family enough time to arrange viewing services before the final burial.

Embalming is a must when the loved one dies far away from home and the body needs to be transported. It also restores the lifelike appearance of the body when the death is due to a traumatic injury or illness.

The whole process takes about one to three hours depending on the severity of the damage to the body.


Are a Funeral and A Memorial Service the Same Thing?Funeral homes Morton Grove, IL

The answer is No. Even though both services allow the friends and family to gather and offer tribute to the lost loved one, they are not the same.

A funeral service is held in the presence of the deceased’s body – either in an open or a closed casket. But when the deceased are honored and memorialized without the presence of their body, it’s referred to as a memorial service. Generally, a memorial service is held after the funeral service.


What is an Appropriate Funeral Attire?

Mostly, people prefer to wear an all-black outfit for a funeral. But you can wear any dark-colored dress as long as it’s not too casual. Don’t wear a T-shirt or a shiny dress that may catch unnecessary attention.

What you should wear also depends on where the funeral service is being held and on the cultural preferences of the bereaved family. For a funeral service taking place in a worship place, you have to wear a more conservative dress. If you’re confused, go with an all-black suit or dress at funeral homes Morton Grove, IL.