Answering Common Cremation Questions

October 4, 2021 | Categories:

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The trend of choosing cremation as an end-of-life disposition method is on the rise in funeral homes Morton Grove, IL, and elsewhere. Despite its widespread acceptance, many people still have unanswered questions about cremation and the processes it entails.

To help you out, this guide is going to answer several cremation FAQs we come across regularly. Read on and find out.

Does Cremation Include Witnesses?

The bereaved family can choose to arrange the witnessing process. Many people find comfort and solace in viewing the deceased’s body and it also helps them overcome the grief.

Whether or not a cremation service includes viewing also depends on the facility you’re using. The guests can see the body one last time if there’s a Cremation viewing room.

Why Should We Choose Cremation?

The funeral is a highly personalized decision that varies from person to person and also across different cultures and religions. But, more and more people are choosing cremation over burial as:

  • It is affordable; cremation is almost half the price of burial.
  • Offers tons of ideas for customization
  • Quick procedure; offers flexibility to the bereaved family
  • No need for viewing or embalming

Is Cremation Cheaper than Burial?

On average, a direct cremation costs half the price of a traditional burial but the price can vary significantly depending on the services you choose. For instance, if you wish to customize the cremation service and include tons of services like viewing, reception, scattering of ashes in a unique way, then cremation may end up being costlier than a simple burial.

But usually, cremation is almost always less expensive than a traditional burial which is one reason why cremations have become more common.

What Can You Do with Cremated Remains?

The bereaved family can do many things with the ashes of the loved one. That’s where the cremation takes edge over burial for many as the family has tons of options to let go of the deceased in an individual way. Here are a few ideas for cremated remains:

  • Lower them into the ground at a natural place or in your garden
  • Bury in sea
  • Scatter from the mountain top or plane
  • Convert them into jewelry like a ring, necklace, or bracelet, and wear it as a souvenir
  • Travel the world with them and then, bury in the favorite city of the deceased
  • Keep them in your house as a memory of the lost loved one

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How Long Does Cremation Take?

To answer quickly, cremation in most cases takes three to five hours (and there’s no need for embalming). But many factors can affect the length of the whole process, such as the number of guests and the coffin material. However, the family receives the ashes after seven to ten days.

Hopefully, this article will clear out all your queries pertaining to the cremation process. Feel free to contact funeral homes Morton Grove, IL, to ask any questions if you have.