Add a Personal touch to Direct Cremation

July 4, 2022 | Categories:

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More and more families are exploring options to add a personal touch to cremation services Morton Grove, IL. If you’re planning to opt for direct cremation to honor your final wishes, then this guide is meant for you.

What is a Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation is a funeral type in which the body is cremated within the days following the death, without any other funeral services. Compared to traditional burial funerals, it is a cost-effective solution as well as causes less harm to the environment.

It’s never too early to start preplanning for your final services to save the family from extra financial burden and stress of handling funeral tasks.

Keep in mind the below instructions while shopping for the cremation products and services beforehand.

1. Don’t Rush, Research Your Options

Start by assessing all the options you have when it comes to direct cremation. A good search on the internet will help you learn various cost-saving tips, how to read and analyze the pricelists of funeral homes, and what to make sure of before finalizing a deal with one.

2. Do You Know About Your Citizens’ Rights

The FTC (Federal Consumer Protection Laws) give you the right to:

  • Get pricelists of various cremation services on the telephone
  • Get written prices of individual services and items
  • You can reject the whole deal and can buy specific services that you need.
  • Go on without embalming (in most States)
  • Use an inexpensive container instead of purchasing a casket

3. Buy Full package or Not

It’s the most important part of shopping for cremation services. You have to decide if you want a package deal or ‘a la carte.’

Get price quotes about package deals and compare the various options and services.

It may be better to shop for individual services rather than going for a full deal as often these packages include products or services that you may not need in your funeral.

4. Have a Memorable Celebration of Your Life

Consider planning your final services in a park, forest, or at a beach. What’s more soothing for the guests to pay you the final tribute in the wilderness of nature like you have always wanted?

Cremation gives you tons of options to personalize the event to ensure you go from this world with a bang. Take some time and create your own unique yet inexpensive ideas about your cremation services.

cremation services Morton Grove IL

Start Saving Today

To sum it all up, you can start your cremation shopping right now to give yourself a perfect send-off. You may be able to save money too. Prepaying your funeral lets you avoid the cost of inflation. You get to be buried or cremated at today’s cost regardless of how far into the future the event is.

If you’re still unsure if preplanning your funeral is the right option for your circumstances, speak with an experienced funeral director. At Haben Funeral Home and Crematory we can answer all of your questions and provide practical advice about cremation services Morton Grove, IL. Visit us now.