A Step-By-Step Guide on Planning a Funeral Service

February 15, 2021 | Categories:

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If you’re looking at funeral homes Glenview, IL, and planning to arrange a funeral for your loved one soon, then this guide is meant for you.  

Planning a funeral entails making dozens of decisions within a short span. On one hand, you’re overwhelmed by the grief and sorrow, while at the same time, you’re trying to fulfill the last wishes of the deceased and give a send-off they truly deserve.  

That’s why it’s necessary to get a basic understanding of the processes involved in arranging a funeral to ensure everything goes smoothly when the time comes.  

Keep reading to get an idea. 

Estimate Your Budget 

The funeral can too expensive and put a strain on your bank account if you don’t determine your budget beforehand. On average, a burial funeral in America can cost thousands of dollars while a cremation service is usually less expensive. But these prices are subject to significant changes if you make unscrupulous decisions.    

So, set your budget ahead of shopping for the funeral services.  

Send Invitations

You have to inform close friends and family about the death of the loved one. Social media has made this task easier than ever, as eulogy was the only standard way to let people know of the funeral information.  

Prepare a guest list, including the names of all the people close to the deceased including their peers and close friends, and let them know personally. However, if you want to keep the funeral small, reduce the guest list.  

Choose the Disposition Type

Depending on the last wishes of the deceased and the rest of the family members, and your budget, you need to decide whether you’ll bury or cremate the loved one.  

Your religious and cultural traditions play a key role in making this decision.   

Shop for Funeral Homes 

You won’t buy a motorbike from the first dealer you walked into, so don’t settle for the first funeral home you visit or hear from your friend or peer.  

Get quotes from a few funeral homes, evaluate their services and the quality of customer support service, and choose the one that suits your needs 

Don’t Buy Complete Package, Shop for Individual Services

Funeral homes often provide a complete burial or cremation package that can be expensive as such packages also contain many services that you may not need. So, look at what’s included and only choose a package if it suits your needs. 

You can also buy services/items like flowers, casket, catering, from the local market if you can save any money this way.   


Fill in Necessary Paperwork

Starting from the death certificate of the deceased to the authorization letter for burial or cremation, you have to take care of sufficient paperwork, which may include: 

  • Closing bank accounts of the deceased 
  • Funeral Pre-Need Plan Papers, if needed 
  • Getting contact with the insurance company 
  • Deeds to cemetery property, if any 

funeral homes Glenview, IL

Figure Out Rest of the Details

Decisions like whether or not you’ll arrange for wake services, photography and video display, any music you want to be played at the funeral home, or any special arrangements to honor the loved one, have to be made and implemented at funeral homes Glenview, IL.