A Detailed Guideline on Death Certificates

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Cremation services Lincolnwood, IL, are a natural part of the cycle of life. Whenever a loved one dies, the bereaved have to register the death with the state within days and apply for a death certificate. After corroborating the information, the Vital Records office issues copies of the death certificate. You may need over a dozen copies to handle the legal and financial affairs of the deceased as well as for your personal record.

States have different death forms and include general information like name, address, birthday, organization, education, sex, race, occupation, father’s name, mother’s maiden name, birthplace, marital status, and other personal statistics. Your funeral home can help you in compiling the required information.

Generally, a burial permit is needed to bury the deceased. It is released by the local county or municipality where the person ahs died and is generally obtained by the person/funeral home in charge of funeral arrangements.

Why Death Certificate is So Important

A death certificate is probably the most important legal document validating that the person has died. A myriad of reasons justifies why it is necessary to order a death certificate soon after a person dies.

This document is used by families to deal with banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, and state and federal security agencies to close down personal affairs and collect insurance and other financial benefits for the beneficiaries of the deceased. A widow or a widower may need a death certificate to get remarried to prove that the previous spouse has passed away.

Similarly, public officials need a death certificate to compile the data pertaining to death indices. This data is then used for multiple purposes such as tracking trends for health surveillance, conducting demographic studies, identifying risk factors, and during legal investigations to determine if any foul play occurred.

Time Taken to Get A Death Certificate

The duration to get a death certificate varies from one day to several weeks and depends on the cause of death, organization, and state laws.

Even though states have their own rules for death certificates, most states follow the U.S. Standard Death Certificate. On average it takes around two weeks to get a death certificate of a deceased but in case of autopsy, investigations, or undergoing medical examination, the time period rise to up to six weeks.

Cost of Death Certificate

Cremation services Lincolnwood, ILThe cost of a death certificate depends on which state you’re residing. Additional copies are less expensive if ordered at the same time as the original.

Many funeral homes offer services related to the issuance of death certificate so that family could have one less thing to worry about during emotionally charged times. From filing the required paperwork, gathering personal details from the family, obtaining the signature of a doctor or a medical examiner, to submitting the details in a vital office, the whole process is taken care of by the funeral home.

Cause of Death Certificate and Funeral

When it comes to funerals, states have stringent laws in place. To complete a burial, the bereaved family is required to get a Cause of Death Certificate’ from a medical examiner corroborating that he/she has thoroughly examined the body and that no further examination is required.

In most states, the funeral director or the family has to register the death within seven days of burial or cremation. Cremation services Lincolnwood, IL, however, also involved a memorial. This can occur whenever you choose.